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:FlagAm: I received my Chronicle yesterday and as usual turned to see what TEX wrote about this month. Very interesting article. Then I turned the page and there was another article by TEX. Only this one really dissapointed me and in fact PI$$ED me off. Before I really loose my temper, I'll get off my soap box now. ALL SASS members who donated to the Chapel and those who proposed the Chapel idea need to read this article. Have we been infiltrated by the ACLU or do we just fear them :angry: ??
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Didn;t you already start a thread on this?


Anyway: As a Christian I would be elated to see the chapel with a cross on it. Even more to the argument I would add that most chapels had crosses on them during the old west era (I think). However, given the spectrum of faiths in our sport I would understand if the chapel was open to all faiths such as a hospital chapel is...just my opinion and I will not debate it.


GG ~ :FlagAm:

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