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Anybody have any idea what the old Thompson Center Hot Shot rounds are selling for now a days? These are the ones that are loaded into regular 44 and 357 mag brass with a plastic shell loaded with various size shot. The T/C barrels had a screw in choke that would peel away the top of the shot load when leaving the barrel. Kind of like what the Speer plastic capsule looks like but the T/C loads were a little bigger. Any who any idea as to what they are selling for or where I can look that information up at.


Thanks much


Arizona Lightning


Sorry all I went over to Gunbroker and found them on that site.



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I still have a TC that shoots those but I have not seen them in years. I had the capsules for reloading however I believe I about used them all up. Would not mind finding some more. The Speer ones were not bad but I sure liked those you mentioned....great for bullfrogs and snakes.

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