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FS Double Holster Set SOLD PF

Wild Willi

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Pards, Here is a holster of unparralled quality. The belt is not just lined but lined with the same material as the front of the belt. The belt is then tripple border stamped.

It has custom silver dollar conchos along the back. The holsters are also lined with the same leather as the front of the holsters. The holsters are also tripple border stamped, they have been wet molded and have white hammer thongs. This set will fit any waist from 34-40. It was made by Vaquero leather of Lockhart texas. I got this for my oldest sons Jonny Ringo outfit which he never completed so this holster was never been used tried on for an hour maybe!! He is too busy working to shoot, so it has to go! New it was $500 with all the options, get a bargin $240 shipped to the lower 48! The holsters fit 4 5/8 or 4 3/4 p

perfect, it will fit a 5 1/2 with a little of the barrel exposed for the real cowboy look.

See the pictures.First set of pics are OLD model Vaqueros with 4 5/8 barrels, the second 3 pic are NEW model Vaquerol with 5 1/2 barels


Double click pic for super sized pic!Old Model Vaquero




NEW Model Vaquero




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So I do not have to keep ending e-mail out I have highlighted the main points. If I have left anything out shoot me an e-mail or PM, I have to admit I am a little rusty on the new PM system . I would like to remind all these holster were $500 when bought new and if I would of said they were new, you would believe me. I am selling them at less than 1/2 of the cost at $240 Plus the shipping, If you are West of the Mississippi shipping tracking and insurance will be right around $15, East of the Mississippi just about $12. I will not know for sure on the shipping untill I get a zip code!


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