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I have Streamlined my Studio and on location lighting and I have a bunch of extra for sale


I will try for the whole lot together first at a ridiculously low price and if no takers on the whole system


I will brake it down in to 3 systems and part out the extras.


These Lumedyne systems are in superb condition and the 3 main systems have had periodic use for family


portraits and wedding groups but most the extras are all new and unused.



3 complete turn key systems each include:


1 800 WS Deluxe flash head with UV Bulb with switchable modeling light.


1 067L Fast Recycle 400 ws / Pack ( preferred original model with 50,100,200,400 ws settings )


1 (025) Medium Battery ( Provides 200 , 200 ws flashes per charge )

Batteries are used but just came back from testing @ Quantum

and all provide inexcess of the rated flashes per charge.




B&H Photo sells the Next Gen with less features for 1543.00 per kit x 3 = 4629







3 MicroSync Digital 4 Channel Radio Slave Receiver with "H" Prong Plug like new 79.00 x 3 = 237.00



1 MicroSync Digital 4 Channel Radio Slave Transmitter like new 49.00



3 Paramount HH-HF - Household Male to Household Female Extension Cord - Straight - 6" like new 14.00 x 3 = 42.00




2 Brand new never used Deluxe 800 ws UV flash heads with switchable Modeling light.


2 @ 275.00= 550.00



1 Lumedyne Mini Battery Module with PEPI charge indicator tested by lumedyne provides 70 200 ws flashes 129.00




1 400 ws Booster pack LU074 New Never Used 399.00





3 10' extention cables @ 58.00 = 174.00 Used but in great condition




1 CU4A 4 Battery Charge Adapter and Tester Just returned from cleaning and recalibration 104.00




2 Power Pack Extension Cord - 20' Brand New never used 59.00




1 Lumedyne Ultra Automatic Charger CU1Z Just returned from Cleaning and Recalibration and firmware upgrade. Great condition 164.00




1 Brand new in pkg. 800 ws UV Flash Tube for deluxe heads w/ modeling lamp 57.00



2 Lumedyne Sync Cord - Male PC to Household - Coiled New never used 34.50 x 2 = 69.00





1 Lumedyne Umbrella Bracket for Pro Light Stand Like New 39.00





1 Lumedyne Extension Post - 3" Like New 16.00




1 8' four section light stand est 25.00


1 light stand clamp for Lumedyne packs very good cond 40.00



During the winter months I go through all our Equipment for maintenance to insure performance for the coming season and I just sent the batteries and the charger in for a checkup and had them cleaned and recalibrated so you can be sure of top performance.

Recently tested and maintain full charge as they have always been kept on lumedyne's Ultra smart Charger and CU4A Quad charge system.


Everything works perfectly and even the things that have been used are in superb condition. ( Special Note on cables and connectors )

over time and assembly and disassembly the pin connectors get loose.

I assembled them into 3 standalone kits and never took them apart until

yesterday so all the pins and cables are perfect.






Total Cost New today from B&H




Buy it all including shipping to you




Call me for ????









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