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Hornady Critical Defense

G. P. Cobb

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The Hornady Critical Defense line of personal defense ammunition has added 22 WMR, 9x18 Makarov, 44 Special, and 45 Colt to the lineup. Loaded with the patented FTX bullet, these bullets provide consistent expansion through heavy clothing, and won't plug up like conventional hollow points.


The 22 WMR delivers terminal performance rom a short-barreled firearm comparable to the 380 Auto Critical Defense load.


The 9x18 Makarov is optimized to deliver superior expansion from it's 90 gr FTX bullet.


The 45 Colt Critical Defense load has been maximized for performance in short-barreled platforms, and is a fantastic choice for the very popular Taurus Judge. Both the 44 SPL and the 45 Colt Critical Defense loads offer real "man-stopping" power.


  • Unaffected by thick and heavy clothing, including denim and leather.
  • Patented FTX bullet delivers superior controlled expansion and large, deep wound cavities over a wide range of velocities.
  • Clean burning and stable propellants reduce recoil in lightweight handguns, and perform consistently in all temperatures.
  • Minimal muzzle flash protects night vision.
  • Feeds reliably in all pistols.
  • Shiny silver nickel plating prevents corrosion, and is easily visible in low light situations.
  • Bullets are cannelured and crimped to avoid bullet setback.
  • Bullets are custom designed for individual loads.
  • The most effective, consistent, and reliable self-defense ammunition


Just thought some of you might like to know,

The .22WMR is equivilant to a .380!

have a good weekend.

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Just thought some of you might like to know,

The .22WMR is equivilant to a .380!

have a good weekend.



No, it is not equivalent.


The article you posted said it's 22WMR was 'comparable' to .380 Autol Critical Defense load.


Is there an actual .380 Auto Critical Defense load? or is that a generic term for any 380 ammo?


Now, how close to something else does it have to be to use the word 'comparable'? :blush: The advertisement conviently doesn't say, so it is up to the reader to guess, and that is what they are hoping will happen.




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