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It's Winter...........

G. P. Cobb

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Just FYI,


Ya'll come across ORPHANED wolf cubs with blue eyes (meaning young enough to raise) let me know and I'll drive up to get them! No stolen, no illegal, don't make me go feral on you!

V (I look like a lady, but I am THE she-Bitch!)

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Sorry, G.P. Didn't fill my bear tag this year. Season closed December 24th. You want to get them while they're still up high, feeding on mast and berries. Once they go down to the rivers and start feeding on salmon, you might as well forget it because they taste awful after that.


This year, though, they stayed up high for some reason, and the weather kept me from filling the tag. Oh well. From what I hear from the Fish and Game reports, I'm not alone. Not very many filled their bear tags this year. :wub:

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