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2011 S.C. State match


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Hi never to early to plan to attend SC state match.

Will be held the 5th week end of April 2011 At the Palmetto range.

Info will be posted on the Palmetto web later.


And the match for Jan. 1st, 2011 is on. So get ready and come on You can bet Dunn Gamblin will have some good stages!!!

See Ya'll there


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It is just as I suspected, Gerald is discriminating against CPAs. Holding a state match in April is almost sinful. I am unable to make the GA match because it is in early April and now S.C.. Well, I always have EOT in June, N.C. and the Regional in November. After my rifle jammed on the first stage of the S.C. match last year and left 9 rounds in the magazine I am a little gun shy anyway.


I am not really complaining, I think April is a great time for a match in our neck of the woods. The weather should be perfect and we are no longer back to back with N.C.. I am hopeful I will see more S.C. shooters at the N.C. match now that we are separated a little better. Anyway, the match being in April gives me an excuse to slip out of the office and make some noise at the range from time to time during the "season".

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We took you into consideration and have moved the Georgia State match to May 5-8th 2011 at River Bend Gun Club in Dawsonville, Georgia.


Sorry to butt in but had to let you know.



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