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jw-2000 shotgun hammers

Cheatin Charlie

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Good morning, I have a Chinese JW-2000 outside hammered double barrel I bought when I

first started Cowboy Shooting. I quit using it after I bought my Stoeger. The main reason

I quit using it was because the hammers are so small in size. Does anybody make replacement

hammers that are larger for this shotgun? If not I will have to go the welding route. I can't

believe I am the only one that bought one of these.


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Howdy Charlie! If it's like the one I had, it was imported by CAI, not to be confused with IAC. It does have little mouse ears, instead of nice big mule ears. I called them once about hammers, and they don't support it at all - nothing.


I had thought about welding the ears up, but then there's that passage in The Handbook about: "ANY EXTERNAL MODIFICATION TO ANY FIREARM NOT SPECIFICALLY



Gave up on the idea, and sold it.

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