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The Black Powder Posse at EOT 2010

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Based on the success of the Black Powder Posses at Winter Range we had a "black powder heavy" posse at EOT last year. Based on its success, we had a Black Powder Posse at Buffalo Stampede that was about half BP shooters. I was in charge. Creek Harding was my assistant (meaning the guy who did all the work). It was very successful and a lot of fun. Much laughter, no tears, no tense moments at all. I believe there were only 2 procedurals and no safeties because timer operators and spotters were pro-active. I'm pretty sure no one got an undeserved miss. As Nuttin' Grateful says, "it's a team sport." Posse members are expected to encourage shooters with whoops, yee-has, and applause where appropriate. When a shotgun target is up I want to hear a chorus of "UP!" When the pistols are shot from different windows, as the shooter finishes the first pistol, I want the timer operator to yell "Move." If a shooter is running toward 2 staged guns, I want the timer operator to yell, "rifle" if it's next. If a shooter jacks out the first round of his rifle, I want the timer operator to try to stop him and give him a restart. etc. IF a shooter wants no coaching, we'll all be quiet as a tomb.


Several of those posse members will be on the Black Powder Posse at EOT, but there are openings. Not everyone who shot there is shooting EOT, and some have favorite posses. If you shoot BP and don't have a favorite posse you shoot with, come join us. Your family members are welcome even if they shoot smokeless. If you're a cute female and shoot in a skimpy soiled dove outfit, you're welcome no matter what you shoot. PM me (my email is wonky today.)


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