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Found 16 results

  1. Health issues are forcing me out of the game . So I'm selling off a lot of my stuff. I have here Two Uberti Taylors 44 Special's with 5.1/2 barrel's . These are Taylor tuned models. Thay are smooth and have fitted Beretta grips with case colored frames. Smith shop firing pins and 4 click actions ( the way its should be ) Looks and feels like a Real Colt . Original Boxes . 1400.00 Shipped to your FFL
  2. I have a Rossi Mdl 1892, in .44-40 up for sale. Previous sale couldn't be completed. Rifle is in very good condition. This is a pre-bolt safety model. Bought it last year, off the Wire, and haven't had a chance to take it to a match, so... 24" full octagon barrel, butt cover and lever wrap, action job. Price is $650.00 + $35.00 shipping to your FFL. ( I can have it shipped from an FFL, if needed, for extra charge) . First, "I'll take it", posted here on the Classified, is the new owner. Not looking for any trades or offers, as I'm getting out of the game. Thanks for stopping by to take a look and God Bless. Frio
  3. More downsizing, and no longer collecting Lee-Enfield rifles from WWI and WWII. "The Lee-Enfield Story” by Ian Skennerton is a first edition that I had signed by the author when I met him at a gun show. The dust cover has tears in two places, and I have included photos. “No. 4 and No. 5 Rifles” by Charles Stratton was signed by the author when I met him at a gun show. Prefer to sell them as a bundle to the up and coming Lee-Enfield collector. USPS Priority, good for the Post Office and you get your stuff sooner. $75 for all of them shipped in the U.S. Portugee John (FWIW “The Lee-Enfield Story” has prices listed on Abe Books from $140 to $260)
  4. Health issues are forcing me out of the game. I'm selling of a lot of my stuff . Here I have Two Cimmaron 7.5. Colt 1871-72 Open Top 44 Special's Manufactured by Uberti . Army Case Hardened Grip Frame . Full Tune by Long Hunter Shop . Fitted Arbors , Adjusted Cylinder Gap , Fitted Wedge smoothed Action and Springs installed . With The Smith Shop Firing pins installed . Smoth as silk and will fire 44 Specials and 44 Russian ammo. I shot 44 Russian ammo with full load APP and a 200gr bullet. This is as close to original as you can get. These are Fine Tuned Beautiful Pistols. Original Boxes and Paperwork. If you are a Bigger Man like me with Larg Hands you will Love the Feel and Handling of these Pistols. 1400.00 shipped to your FFL
  5. Health issues is forcing me out of the game . I'm selling off a lot of my stuff . Hear I have a Wells Fargo 1849 Uberti ( Colt ) Pocket pistol with a Taylor's. 32 caliber conversion Cylinder and the Cap and Ball Cylinder And factory box. This gun has also been to Mike at Goonsgunworks.com and has had the full treatment . She is tuned with both cylinders and has a cap rake installed . Cylinder gap and wedge adjustment and fitted . This is a little beauty , That has had the full treatment. Shipped directly to you . No FFL NEEDED. 600.00 SHIPPED
  6. Do to health issues I'm selling off a lot of my stuff. I have here a 12g Stoager 20" Coach shotgun. She has been smoothed up by Doc Knopper ( Gary ) he funneled the breach and honed the barrels . Installed hardened firing pins . Installed springs and deactivated the auto saftey. It is now a manual saftey operation. Has a custom leather butt cover . Two triggers that have not been switched. ( I like them that way myself. ) Opens very nice . In very good condition with maybe some light handling and cart dings. These Older Stoagers was built like tanks and last forever. 550.00 shipped
  7. Health issues is forcing me out of the game. I'm selling of a lot of my stuff. I have here a beautiful Bone Stock Russian Baikal 12g 20" Coach Shotgun with choke tubes and two triggers. These guns are very sought after and are No longer imported from Russia. This has a butt cover on it . Other then that I started having health issues before she got any use or work done . Its basically a new unused shotgun. 550.00 shipped.
  8. Health is forcing me out of the game . Selling off a lot of stuff. Colt 1851 .36 cal used with some handling Mark's. Not a museum gun . She has been fired . But you can play Cowboy with a Colt ! Shipped to your home where legal. Know your own states laws. 500.00 + shipping
  9. My better days are behind me . Im selling off a lot of my Cowboy Guns and Stuff Do to Health issues. I Have a Slightly used, New as you can find in a used Ruger Old Army 7.5 barrel. Serca 1995 #148-12××× She has only had one or two cylinders fired threw her in her lifetime. I no longer have the box. For some reason I cant find it anymore. These are the Best Cap and Ball guns made bar None . They need nothing to run reliable. 1200.00 shipped
  10. Do to health reasons I'm selling some of my stuff. I have a real Winchester . Its s take down trench ( riot ) shotgun . It has been re-parkerized before I owned it . This is how I bought the gun. You can still see it's a number matching Winchester . With the bayonet and sling. I have been told and read that not all trench guns had a bomb on the side . I can not see any signs of a bomb. But as stated it has been re-parkerized. You also can not read any Choke Size do to being re-parkerized. I'm asking 1800 obo + shipping
  11. Health is forcing me out of the game . For sale is a true Pocket pistol. Hopkins and Allen. 32 6 shot Revolver. Folding hammer to not get cought on clothing. Cylinder does not swing out of gun. You have to pull the pin to pull the cylinder. Works as should . Shipped directly to you were legal . Know your own state laws . 350.00 shipped to you. 400.00 if needs FFL.
  12. Health is forcing my to leave this game . This is my original 1892 I started with. She has a Steve Youngs action job . And a custom butt cover . Button on top to replace the ugly old safety. She is slick as snot on a door knob. 44 mag and shoots 44 special just as good . Probably the smoothest 92 you will ever put your hands on. 700.00 Shipped .
  13. Health is forcing sale of most of my CAS Guns . I have a absolutely beautiful Uberti Henry 1860 24" Smooth with a very slick action Smoothed up with springs and use . it's a Military Rifle with Butt Stock Cover. I Always shot BP in it. 1000.00 +shipping . Thank you. God bless.
  14. Health issues is forcing me out of the game. Selling off lots of stuff . Some stuff can not be shipped . So Face to face in Michigan. App. Powder 1pound cans as new FFF Premier FFF regular and FF Remington #10 Caps as new . Hornady 44 Lead balls . Unique powder 3 one pounders as new . I would like to sell all together 300.00 face to face .
  15. I have a second set of spurs & Straps for sale. Price on this set is $60.00 plus shipping CONUS. Thanks, Diamond Curly
  16. For sale is a Josey Wales Coat in grey wool. The coat is my personal coat that I never got around to wearing. The coat has all the features of the movie coat.. rolled leather buttons, whip, ties and cape. It is lined with tea stained cotton muslin. Size XL 46-48 Email TUSACJACK2@aol.com $299.00 plus $15.00 shipping SOLD PENDING FUNDS!
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