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Found 2 results

  1. IF ITS LISTED ITS STILL AVAILABLE Howdy All, My wife and I are selling an extensive collection in order to fund our community development project known as Mavin's Landing. As most of you know, right now, our active duty community is facing the most debilitating housing crisis of my generation and therefore 100% of everything sold will go to funding our project. https://www.hoponandholdon.com/about-3 For Sale: 1. Rifle Rest Sand Bags - $20 4. Pacific tools and reloading - $10 6. Everything to start Casting (molds, melting-pot, wax, oven, fan, flux, paint, lubersizer, BP books)- $100 8. Hand Priming Tool - $25 10. BP loading tubes - $10 PHOTO LINK - https://photos.app.goo.gl/r1DwQZpQ6Yt1K7WG7 IMG_6600.HEIC 7C237B71-D3E5-46E7-A83E-1E7E5D4FFAEF.MP4 1718AB58-73C7-446C-9301-728F5F49C97B.MP4 IMG_6627.HEIC IMG_6607.HEIC IMG_6574.HEIC IMG_6576.HEIC IMG_6577.HEIC IMG_6578.HEIC IMG_6579.HEIC IMG_6580.HEIC IMG_6581.HEIC IMG_6584.HEIC IMG_6585.HEIC IMG_6595.HEIC IMG_6596.HEIC IMG_6597.HEIC IMG_6598.HEIC IMG_6599.HEIC IMG_6601.HEIC IMG_6602.HEIC IMG_6603.HEIC IMG_6604.HEIC IMG_6605.HEIC IMG_6606.HEIC IMG_6607.HEIC IMG_6608.HEIC IMG_6609.HEIC IMG_6610.HEIC IMG_6611.HEIC IMG_6612.HEIC IMG_6613.HEIC IMG_6614.HEIC IMG_6615.HEIC IMG_6616.HEIC IMG_6617.HEIC IMG_6618.HEIC IMG_6619.HEIC IMG_6620.HEIC IMG_6621.HEIC IMG_6622.HEIC IMG_6623.HEIC IMG_6624.HEIC IMG_6625.HEIC IMG_6626.HEIC IMG_6627.HEIC IMG_6628.HEIC IMG_6629.HEIC IMG_6630.HEIC IMG_6631.HEIC IMG_6632.HEIC IMG_6633.HEIC IMG_6634.HEIC IMG_6635.HEIC IMG_6636.HEIC IMG_6637.HEIC IMG_6638.HEIC IMG_6639.HEIC IMG_6640.HEIC IMG_6641.HEIC IMG_6642.HEIC IMG_6643.HEIC
  2. Alright, who bothers with primer pocket cleaning? Is there any chance that a slightly dirty primer pocket could impede primer seating and potentially contribute to a light strike/failed ignition in the SASS world? I don't clean pockets. Not for regular pistol ammo, and not even for my bolt guns when I want my ammo to make teeny-tiny holes at distance, but the firing pins in those guns never have difficulty igniting the primer. For a tuned lever gun that needs to eat rounds with primers OTHER THAN Federal, would a cleaner pocket prior to seating primers reduce a potential light strike, even if the reduction in failure rate is less than 1%? Would a clean pocket have any significance on primer seating or should the force of a press or hand primer be sufficient to overcome any carbon residue/build up in the pocket? I just deprimed several hundred pieces of brass with intent to run them through the Frankford Arsenal case prep before reloading, but wondering if it will have any meaningful effect. Again, this is primarily for non Federal primers (Winchester) in .38 SPL and a tuned 1873 lever gun. Thanks
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