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  1. Thank you to Johnny Meadows and Too Tall Bob for great stages and the Bordertown board for putting it all together. 300+ shooters experienced wonderful weather in the low 70's. We look forward every year for this and were not disappointed. Congratulations to all winners and hope to see you all again next year (if not before).

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  2. Easiest way to clean brass is to dry tumble. Add polish of choice, toss in brass, dryer sheet and let it run. Separate media with rotary cage and you're done. I usually use walnut media, but sometimes add some corncob. A dollop of NuFinish car polish is pretty inexpensive. If not shiny enough to your liking, let 'er run some more. No rinsing, no drying, no de-capping.

  3. MEC Sizemaster, Remington hull, any 209 primer, 13.4 Clays, Claybuster grey 7/8 oz. wads, 7/8 oz. shot. A shell sizer/checker is popular today. I find the Remington hulls do not need it as much as Winchester AAs. Claybuster Lightning (white, 7/8 oz.) wads work also.

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  4. It's not just the OAL, it is also the bullet profile (ogive). The optimum OAL will vary with blunt, rounded bullets vs. more narrow or truncated bullets. This isn't an issue with the elevator style carriers, but can be with those with a hinge-type carrier. The bullet rests on an angle and must straighten and chamber as you lever. Some of my guns are very forgiving and others, not so much. Some have been a royal pain trying to achieve an optimum bullet and length. 

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  5. The clerk said they got 8k in and no limit. The wife and I both went to the dentist recently and I replaced several exterior doors on the house, so I didn't feel comfortable swallowing the whole shipment. I did get 4K.

    Looks like I don't need to feel guilty shooting .38 Special instead of .45 at Bordertown.

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  6. I found a load of 3.9 gr. of Blue Dot for .32 mag. with a 100 gr. bullet. I'm wondering if the load is too hot because the ejector rod will bind after a stage. I'm thinking the gun gets hot and binds the rod. What do you think? When the guns were clean and cold this wasn't an issue.

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