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  1. Hard to tell. Most of my brass is 15-18 years old. I don't have system to note how often each piece has been reloaded and I sometimes swap brass inadvertently with others at matches. You know, pick up others while not getting all my brass back.

    As a side note, I think my Schofield brass is most often split over all others. IMO due to large pistol chambers.

    I'd rather cry over gas price increases, primer prices and availability or general inflation than losing the occasional split brass.

  2. I got a new Cox bill and noticed it jumped about $20. I signed up for Internet and phone in a bundle about a year ago because they said the bundle was cheaper than Internet alone. Weird, but ok. Now that it jumped, I wanted to see what I could do. Went on their site and looked for options and selected Internet and no phone for maybe $20 cheaper and went to check out. In the process I had to select an installation option. Not wanting to do that since I'm already connected, I called them. The kid said on the phone that by dropping the phone, my bill would be about $26 more and that's after the coming increase. I mentioned their prices on their website and that it was about $50 cheaper instead of through him and he said, do it online then. Ok, I did that even though I had to select a do it yourself installation kit. Then I went onto their chat line to stop the kit delivery. That took about half an hour and I thought it was settled. I just got an email giving me a tracking number for the kit that I don't need or want. :blink: You can't make this stuff up.

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  3. I have multiple "notify me" actions at several websites, so I really get annoyed when I hear someone bought primers there and I wasn't notified. This morning I ordered the maximum 1K small primers from Midway, but I had to seek them out and wasn't notified. Why have a feature if it doesn't work? I guess the thing to do is manually search multiple times a day.

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  4. A friend's mom got tired of people running over her mailbox and replaced the post with a railroad rail. It didn't work out so well the next time some yahoo tried it as the car was left at the scene.

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