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  1. He will be missed. He was heavily involved in guns of the West, providing many articles and books. He was widely sourced for the Lyman Cast Bullet book. He was quite active in long range black powder matches and more recently, Mike got into WWII weapons, including automatics.

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  2. I use Lee carbide 4 die sets that include the factory crimp die. They are the least expensive dies out there and produce quality ammo.

    I would ditto the comments about loaded cowboy ammo from those companies mentioned perhaps initially.

    The wife and I started with Remington 12 ga. game loads way back when and saved all the hulls. If you do buy some loaded cartridges, save your brass for later when you do reload.

    You'll have a bunch of research to do starting out. It's a fun hobby and there's something for everyone.

  3. Rugers are a good choice and have a great warranty. Piettas are a very good Colt clone. Pietta sells models with and without a traditional hammer/firing pin and those with a transfer bar. I prefer the former. I think action jobs are more important for the rifle and shotgun, but people do have pistols tuned.

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  4. Ruger will do warranty work free no matter if you are not the original owner. Pull out all non-stock parts before sending it in or you won't get them back. They will return the gun after fixing and may only cost shipping and a bit of waiting time.

    I had one pistol many years ago that over rotated. I sent it in and had it back within a couple of weeks. That gun is still running strong. It is certainly faster than I am at this point. :huh:

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  5. I had several .38 cases with the cannelure that separated in my rifle. Got lucky with one and got it out myself. The other was removed by a local gunsmith as I had no case extractor. I threw out all of my cases with those grooves. No fun at a match. 

  6. Best price I've seen in 2 years and first Winchesters I've heard about in that time. I just paid $75/1K online and paid hazmat on top of it.

    I want to get more LPP and prices and availability are not that good. $80 and up if you can find them.

  7. I welded some tubing to make my first folding gun cart. Later I bought a wooden cart for $25. Next up was a $20 baby jogger I adapted. Recently bought a Rugged Gear cart for $60 and added my ammo tray from my jogger. A handful of carts were available within the last month with varying prices. There are options.

    Whatever you do leather wise, do not buy cheap leather brand new. It will not hold its shape and you'll end up spending money again. I bought a used Kirkpatrick rig 20 years ago for $150 that is still in good shape. 

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  8. Dang, Boots, they're not done crying about 2024 and you're asking about 2025? Nevermind, I get wanting to note it in your calendar. ;)

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