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  1. Lori, said he has showed up the last 4 autumns. If I had a rack like that I would seek shelter too. She and Kevin named him Beauregard.
  2. Yep. When I lived in the neighborhood, I saw a few does, and a lone buck, but he wasn't near that size
  3. My former neighbor sent these pictures to me.
  4. Wandering minds should be fenced in. Especally in old coots like me. Sitting here window-shopping non existing shotguns, my mind flipped over to hunting ringnecks. How I loved to walk the fields in warm sunshine and cool mornings. Then I realized that every rooster that I could recall flushing, squeezed out his dropping while beating wings. I suppose he was showing me what he thought of the whole operation.
  5. What is wrong with bird watching, Miz Pete? Sombody has to look after the little darlins.
  6. I never understod a phone call FROM YOUR GRANDSON who says he needs money. Wouldn't you recognize your grand son's voice?
  7. Water Heater is in, can we all come over for a hot tub party?
  8. Joe, do you know the name of that ship is?
  9. I am in the process of going through 90+years of old photographs. A lot of people I don't know and a lot of landscape. Trying to play the game and wondering if this needs to be recycled to extraxt the silver from the photographs. I heard a rumor that there was silver that could be extracted. Where am I wrong?
  10. A feller can hang his self, with enough of it.
  11. Well, my view from the fence about hunting is that the sale of hunting licenses provides funds for wildlife habitat. I have no problem with that. Look at what happened with waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited back in the 1930's. Now we have Pheasants Unlimited and I promote that. BUT, there it is again, here in Washington State, the sale of licenses goes into the General fund so the legislature can dole it out to the WDFW piecemeal. Part of the problem with fishing and hunting is there are not enough funds to support all of needs of outdoors people and animals. There is a shortage of hunting grounds, and a lot of farmers and ranchers have closed their land due to reckless behavior by hunters. I can't say I blame them. We always asked but generally we were told no, not because of our actions, but the actions of some clown before us. That and the State trooper didn't like us hunting from the freeway! Who knew.
  12. That is my virtual Marlin 39 AS. I replaced the rear sight with a Marble's sight because I liked the white diamond. I leads my eye to the front sight.
  13. All I know about them, Hardpan, is they look heavy, the loading lever drops when they are fired, they make big smoke, they make big medicine. Did I mentioned that the loading lever drops when they are fired.
  14. Along the east and west coast urban areas?
  15. I didn't see much to recommend them either, during operation wintershield.
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