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  1. 1 minute ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

    First and foremost, it'll be a treasured keepsake for grandson.  That's the most important thing.  ;)

    Well, perhaps. But it is a dang fine rifle. And he has two sons that perhaps one day, will ask about it. I would like for him to be able to show them how old river runners did it in the distant past. Didn't say I knew how to use one. :)

  2. So now Ruger owns Marlin Manufacturing. BMC is getting close to check out time. BMC wants his Grandson to inherit his Marlin 1894.

    Problem: BMC does not know if he is unloading an albatross on his Grandson, or a gift. Since Ruger took over, it appears that their first

    thought is to protect the Ruger Line (I understand that) and then make some additional bucks off the Marlin line.


    My guess is that at some point replacement parts will be needed for outstand Marlin production prior to Ruger's takeover.

    Who will make them, Ruger or after market production by independent producers? Any thoughts?

  3. First of all, let me say that I know very little about AR type rifles, and their construction.

    Secondly I know very little about the fascination with the 9 mm chambering.

    So just out of curiosity, let me ask a question for my own edification. 


    Why would not a .357 Magnum be a more favorable choice?

  4. Was talking with a lady over in Wenatchee, Washington about attending a match over there. I was just getting started and had some but not all of my shooting gear, and IIRC this was to be my first match to attend. Anyhow, we got to discussing aliases and various other matters. I was not happy with the one I was going to choose. Her husband had an odd one, and I questioned her about it. Seems it was something they used in counting cattle. I mentioned that I had recreational property on Badger Mountain, just north of Wenatchee. She suggested Badger Mountain Charlie. I liked the sound of it so another super hero of the old west was born. :D

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  5. Careful friend. Demon Rum has carried many of stout resolve to the pit. 


    Oh, wait, you said Jim Bean.  I know Jim. He is good company.     IN MODERATION.

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