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  1. Why would I say that? Glad you like the gif. Figured that was about what everyone reading your posts was doing.
  2. We have a difference of opinion deal with it.
  3. Yeah most everything is over priced in todays market.
  4. Federal Judge issued a stay on the ATF's brace opinion. Right now until that judges ruling is overturned a braced pistol is legal to own and use. And it appears it might just have to be the a Supreme court ruling to over turn it.
  5. Curious whats the price and pics aren't showing.
  6. Here's the Kirst conversion I did, the shorter one is a Howell conversion. They have been fun projects. the shorter one is 4-3/8ths " . Its just long enough to put a kirst conversion in and use a ejector rod.
  7. I've not had that problem but then I check each one to make sure the primer is fully seated. Have not had the first fail to fire with new primers.
  8. Set the brass hull down on the large primer, use a cut off barrel counter sunk on one end to put in the brass hull , tap down with hammer till seated.
  9. Maybe this will help. I find it real handy being that I am new to subs or should I call it grey powder since it actually isn't black. Black Powder Volume to Weight~Conversion Chart.xlsx
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