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  1. It happens, just as it happens to 1911's and their ilk. But that said I prefer the 1911, but depending on the situation the G17 with the chopped grip fits the bill better.
  2. LOL, speaking from my personal experience, I've owned over 6 of them and none have ever failed. Now I'm not saying they won't just haven't. If you break a Glock you pretty much was doing something you shouldn't have or you was using inferior aftermarket parts. And buy chance the 1 I kept fails I think it is more than sufficient to beat someone into submission. Its not always the heaviest hammer that kills you but the skilled man behind which ever hammer you have in your hands.
  3. When one speaks of a backup gun that usually means a second gun carried in addition to your primary gun. But if we are talking about a Replacement Gun. Then in that case it would be Citadel 1911, S&W M10, Hammerless LCRX, G17 bobbed grip to G19 length, as anyone of those are a primary carry depending on the situation. And if I'm dep concealing and the LCP goes down I'll use the Keltec 380 as a replacement.
  4. The few times I carry a backup its usually my keltec 380 or LCP. Primary is usually a G17, S&W m10, or a LCRX that has been converted to hammerless like a LCR.
  5. If they do it warrantless then it is illegal and the Sheriff could step in and stop them. So actually it isn't ridiculous at all. And if they don't have a warrant they aren't coming in my home much less stay on my property for very long. Don't really care who they think they are.
  6. With todays plummeting sales on revolvers and the economy they special order rather than tying up their money in inventory.
  7. Slapshot

    Tech section?

    Not really, works just fine over on the other sight I am a member of.
  8. Slapshot

    Tech section?

    Because if you guys give me your knowledge and input I'm more trusting of you than someone that does you tube channels. We have allot of experience here that we could tap into to. Most of you guys know each other, more trust right there. Not so much on you-tube though, unless one of you made it.
  9. CIA black ops from our Gov to control the flow of ammo, uh remove the flow of ammo.
  10. For me it would be 1875 Remington's, Hammered 10 gauge double, and a 1860 Henry. Second choice of handguns would be 5.5"-1860's.
  11. I'll take the 45 colt. PM me how you want paid. I can do personal check, Pay-pal friends and family.
  12. Oh for Goodness sake. You believe way to much propaganda and then spew it back out like its the gospel. I'll go ahead and be quite now and let you live in your little utopia world.
  13. Who's cherry picking? Personal experience when I was laid off and talking to my friends and people my boy and my nephew work with , my daughters husband ect. All commute longer than what you said. If anyone is cherry picking it would be you Sir to sell the ideal of EV's being the greatest thing next to ice cream. Hell the next town near me where you might find a job is over 28 miles away. And what about the other rural parts of the country? I guess you wouldn't know as you evidently live inside the city limits of your town/city.
  14. Hope they have that sorted just ordered some things a couple weeks ago from them.
  15. I did read your post. But I didn't know if on that muzzleloading forum if he had both listed or not. So not being a mind reader I wanted to ask.
  16. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1011377157?pid=169099
  17. I seriously would take that with a grain of salt. As even in cities you would be lucky to drive less than 5 miles. Polls and surveys can be made to say what ever you won't them to depending on who you poll and survey. It also depends on location also. Love for that to be made in Ms, Louisiana, Alabama areas. You would see a hell of allot different results. Or any heavily rural area. Quick Google check. Amazing how it differs from yours. How many miles is the average commute to work? What is the National Average Commute to Work? The U.S. Census Bureau reports the average one-way travel time to work in 2019 was 27.6 minutes, up from 25 minutes in 2006. Federal Highway Administration data from 2019 indicates motorists in the U.S. drive an average of 39 miles per day.Sep 22, 2021 How many miles does the average person commute? According to data analyzed by Jerry, the average round trip to and from work in the U.S. is over 41 miles a day. The health effects of commuting are serious, but there are strategies to reduce their impact.Nov 20, 2021 What is a normal daily commute? What is the average commute to work like in the USA? The national average commute time in the U.S. is 26.6 minutes, according to the Census Bureau. That means as a whole, the daily average American commute time is just under an hour, 53.2 minutes, assuming one round trip.
  18. No Sir never said that. I work a 3 week on 3 week off rotation. Either way a EV won't work for me. Not to mention the US power grid will never handle every family owning one. Or not for my life time or yours.
  19. Love to see that EV make those trips ever day. That would be like burning a big flood light and a 75" tv over night right? And while I do commute 250 miles one way. Ms to La coast to work offshore, there is no snow and I don't tow a trailer. If I did have to I'd need one of those magical Cali EV's with that sweet charge rate and that average commute you Googled, LOL.
  20. No more than half the people where I live have at least a 28-38 mile trip to work. And I didn't google it I know from when I was laid off and had to drive to the next town to find work. Small rural towns in Ms don't offer allot of employment opportunities. But God yes lets trust Google cause if Google says its so its the liberal truth of the matter right?
  21. I don't think you understand what a long commute is.
  22. So where are you getting your so called facts on average commute? You honestly believe everyone lives within 20 miles of there job? Not everyone lives inside the cities and there are a huge amount of people that live in rural areas with over 40 mile commutes. Light and a tv, lol, yeah right. I really love listening to your Cali attitude. Its really easy to see why Cali is in the shape it is in.
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