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  1. I just shot in my first match with big double posse. And it’s a hard question to answer. First thought it’s the people of both posse that makes the difference. We had two great posse that worked and it went well. It was nice to shoot and not worry about working. But it did last longer without a break. I think the answer would be to shoot 6 stages the first day and 4 the last day. With maybe a small break on day one. I like the smaller waves like EOT had in Indiana with someone picking up brass. But that is not always possible and again it depends on the posse. If people share the work it’s a great day.
  2. Tusco has become my favorite home range. Another great match with good weather. Buckaroo Bubba and all the crew, you do a great job.
  3. I leave so early to get there, I eat on the road. But I look forward to grabbing something to eat before the trip back. It’s been along time since October, I’ll be glad to see all of you !
  4. I knew it was a lot but hadn’t totaled it until now. Guns,leather, reloading equipment, clothes and a carte easily hits 15000. That’s only a year and a half in, doesn’t count the gas it takes driving to 4 matches a month 8 months a year averaging 3 hours one way. Oh and a new SUV to do all this traveling. Oh forgot all the bullet components. Good thing I’m not married or I would be divorced for the 4th time.
  5. Two of the 4 clubs I shoot at uses one clay flyer as a bonus. One club every match and the other just occasionally uses one.
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