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  1. Blaster Mike, Jenorado and myself have bought a bit from Buster at Single Action Shooting Supplies at Noosa.
  2. p.s Mate you have 'Mexico' (Victoria) for your location.
  3. G'day and welcome Captain Blaster Mike, I'm a newbie to the Wire as well. Your wife's alias is a beauty!
  4. After 38/357 I've contacted so many gunshops and there's just nothing 'Dillon' anywhere, everything is on extended back order. I have Dillon 9mm dies in the XL650 and really like them. I have Lee 38/357 & .32 S&W Long dies in my Lyman turret press and they good but I like Dillon dies better. I need to move from making .38's on the Lyman to the 650 as its getting to labour intensive.
  5. Can't get Dillon Dies anywhere in Australia every gun shop is sold out, what's another brand of dies you'd recommend for a XL650 for loading .38 S&W? Is there a Dillon shortage in the USA? There's just nothing Dillon available in Australia presently, all suppliers just say "there's a shipment coming in but we don't know when".
  6. Be thankful.... Now you won't pee on your slippers
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