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  1. H.V. McKay Massey Harris, Sunshine Suntyne Seed & Fertilizer Drill, c.1952 Farmer driving a Massey Harris tractor connected to a Sunshine Suntyne seed and fertilizer spreader, in a muddy 800 acre Wimmera field.
  2. Mandurama, New South Wales c. 1900 Mr Oswald Schmidt, the blacksmith shoeing horse with young man and girl.
  3. Yes Dave....I think its hopeless mate. https://www.fireants.org.au/home/about-us/about-the-program
  4. @Brazos John Down here an aluminium boat (runabout size) is ubiquitously known as a 'tinny' and those are croc tracks leading down to it
  5. LOL......could you imagine the hate you'd get from PETA types wearing them !!!!!
  6. Melbourne Postmen riding their Penny Farthings with training wheels on, Circa 1880 (with training wheels ???)
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