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  1. Slide in Queensland in the '70's ........imagine the safety nets etc etc etc etc etc nowawdays!
  2. This jar is from the early 1930's On the back is a serving suggestion - 'Vegemite contains the nutritional elements of yeast and is one of he most potent sources of Vitamin B complex,' the label read. 'Use in sandwiches, soups, stews and gravies. 1/2-1 teaspoonful in a glass of hot milk or water makes a nourishing beverage. That's me done, finally a vegemite recipe that's beat me down.....in milk and hot milk at that....no thanks mate.
  3. This is a DC3 that was converted into a McDonalds at West Lakes in South Australia, the plane was originally used by the U.S. Air Force from 1942-1944. It was built at Long Beach, California and delivered to the U. S. Army and mainly operated as a “Biscuit Bomber” around North Queensland and New Guinea. It has now been taken away and is being restored back to original condition.
  4. Um mate.....that's not why they come wrapped in threes.
  5. We try to cater for all, what about a vegemite BBQ chicken ^ With a cheesy stuffing
  6. Maybe Vegemite Pizza Pockets then?????
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