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  1. From reading the book Saipan was fought for so hard by both US and Japanese forces because both sides new how important the island was.

    The US planning was one of the biggest ever undertaken. The Japanese knew that the homeland was under direct threat if the island fell, Hirohito ordered the defenders to fight and die to the last and the great majority of them did which caused countless deaths and injuries' to marines even from mortally wounded or dead feigning Japanese hence the word went round "If it don't stink shoot or bayonet it".

    The US needed Saipan for the new B-29 Superfortress that would start the massive bombing campaign of the Japanese homeland, this is where I think the "Which doomed Japan" line comes from.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Cypress Sun said:

    Another sad day for the United States.


    Instead of erasing the shooters name from history and never mentioning his name again, the media will repeat his name repeatedly. Pictures of the a*****e will be shown for weeks. Some other sick, twisted punk will see that as "glorifying" his name into history and do the same thing themselves. Then the process begins again.




    EXACTLY the scumbags name should NEVER be mentioned publicly again once its been ascertained to be correct. This ongoing glorification of over and over and over of using the name and posting images, social media pages, manifestos etc etc is a sickness that the media indulge in and its just revolting.
    OMG I hate how the world is saturated by instant media 'talking heads'.

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  3. 38 minutes ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

    I will bet the shooter spent a good part of his time training to solve all problems on murder simulators --aka a video gamer.   When we allow people to be programmed in that way, why should we be surprised.  


    In aviation and other industries, training simulators are used to make difficult decision making in difficult situations into an automatic, pre-programmed thing.  Why are we surprised at these outcomes?


    I truly believe that really does have something to do with this profoundly quite new 'active shooter' plague. Along with ultra violent movies.
    When I was young in the '60's '70's '80s guns where literally EVERYWHERE.....but no one, I mean no one had this fear of an 'active shooter'.

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