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  1. Thanks all for those who sent me a head's up on this gun. I heard back from my pard. He is offering me a TTN that has already had some action work done on it at a lower price, plus throwing in the shipping. Not surprisingly, I'll be taking him up on his offer. I hope Barleycorn finds a good home for this gun, since they seem to have quite the following. Hopefully I'll catch up with folks at land run. I probably won't have the gun in by then, but I'll be happy to take any pointers on shooting classic. Johnny
  2. Is there any sort of listing as to which batch of guns were in a particular range of serial numbers? How much do they vary by batch? Thanks in advance for any additional information. Johnny
  3. Out of curiosity, has this gun had any work done on it? Johnny
  4. HI Deacon, Thanks for the head's up. The issue is that I have a pard who has offered to sell me one, but he hasn't given me a price yet. As a result, I'm in a bit of a holding pattern, since I'm waiting to hear back. If I don't hear soon, then this would be a good option. Regards, Johnny
  5. Any thoughts on how the Pakistan version compares to the Chinese ones? I know the original ones had a solid reputation
  6. I thought I caught some references to different versions, with at least one run made in Pakistan
  7. Not yet. Ooc, any particular differences between the Cimarron 1878 and the TTN? Johnny
  8. Do you have a picture of the Ruger help tool? curious what it looks like, having removed a few of those pins.....
  9. Evening Deacon, I've been here since Friday, with shooting Ironman over the weekend. Today I was trying out a '97 I picked up at the yard sale. I'm shooting posse 19 second wave. I'll try and track you down in the morning.
  10. Had one more question regarding ice, is there any availability on site? If not, how far away is the nearest ice? Figuring out how many ice chests to bring. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks! Appreciate the info. I've got plenty of hose, so guess it will depend on which parking spots are available as to whether I can get within reach of a faucet. Looking forward to seeing folks I know mostly through the wire. Getting things sorted now, since I'm bringing up another newer shooter as well.
  12. Shooting for the first time at Comin at Cha this weekend. Planning on hauling in a travel trailer. I saw on the Badlands website that electricity was available, but was planning on bringing a generator. Out of curiosity, what are the options for water? Showers on site by chance? Any other suggestions for the site? Trying to run the traps in advance. Thanks in advance. Johnny
  13. Shooting Fox, I'd like to get two bags of shot from you at Comin at Cha. Johnny
  14. Without getting into any discussion on the Argentine primers, I met up with Tell yesterday and picked up a bunch of primers in order to bring them up to Comin at Cha. I'll be arriving on the 16th and will be delivering the primers to Waimea for him to sell at his booth. They are almost entirely Federals, both regular and some match. There are some Remington as well. Prices will run between $100-$115/ 1000. Price varied depending on what Tell was able to get them at after paying shipping and hazmat. Prices marked on each box. Hopefully this will keep some folks shooting who haven't been able to source primers. Johnny
  15. Thanks for the pictures!
  16. Out of curiosity, do the original 1878's have the lug between the barrels? Johnny
  17. My understanding is the advantage of the TTN's is that they are built like tanks, and once they are slicked up they just keep working. Any idea if that applies to the Pakistan version? Also, if a Cimarron gun has a PRC barrel stamp, I assume that PRC= Peoples Republic of China, but does that mean it is the TTN?
  18. As I understand it, some of the Cimarron models were TTN's, but not all of them were. Is that the case? If so, any idea on when the change occurred or how to distinguish one from the other? How do the guns differ? Thanks !
  19. Thanks everyone! Johnny
  20. Looking to pick up a hammered double for shooting classic. A fellow cowboy has a spare TTN that he has offered to part with, but didn't have a price on what he wants for it. He said 'make me an offer', so looking to get an idea on a price that would be fair on both ends of the deal. I don't believe it has had any work done on it so far. I've been keeping a lazy eye out, but I've only seen one go up for sale recently on gunbroker that went for $875. I believe that one had some work done on it, but I don't recall any details. Any input would be appreciated, thanks in advance! Johnny
  21. Well if we're showing horse pictures, I'm partial to my Tennessee Walker/Percheron cross. Riding her does require a different kind of hat though...
  22. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Keep them coming! Johnny
  23. OOC, what are prices running on the TTN's these days, when you can find one? Johnny
  24. I'm signed up for Ironman at Comin at Cha, so I'll be there early.
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