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  1. Took all day but I finally got the page to open (I heard facebook had some kind of hack and shutdown?), I’m lost though, I don’t use facebook, where are the pictures? I found a gallery but it appears to contain hundreds of unrelated photos? Maybe I’m doing it wrong lol
  2. Unfortunately we have an activity at her church that day (trunk or treat), otherwise it would be very tempting. I’ve a feeling it will probably be next spring or summer sometime before she’s ready for a match, sometime after the threat of snow is gone at least, ice and wheels don’t mix lol. Probably get a lot of indoor range time in over the winter though. That’s about the perfect area though, I’m in Port Huron but she is in Auburn Hills so it wouldn’t be too terribly far, only an hourish drive. I don’t suppose there is any video of the mobility match to give us some ideas?
  3. My girlfriend is interested in single action shooting but she is wheelchair bound with cerebral palsy, getting her a pistol is not a problem but a holster is, most holsters and belts assume the shooter is standing, they don’t even have cartridge loops on the front, which obviously would not work for a chair, I’m thinking an angled cross draw holster on the front, but what about cartridges, a traditional gun belt has no loops in the front as I mentioned. She does want to compete someday, but right now she is just looking to dress up and have a little fun while she learns, she’s also not super concerned about authenticity, for obvious reasons, but the more authentic the better I suppose. On the competing side, when she is ready (may be awhile), that could be an issue too because she would need exceptions. Like having me push, things like that, and she can also only use one hand and her grip strength is limited. Any possibility she could compete with a .22?
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