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  1. I frequently pick up the bill of law enforcement or first responders are in a restaurant where I am.   My brother in law and nephew are both law enforcement and I know what an underpaid thankless job it is.   I never tell them who paid.  I have also been known to drop a very generous tip on hard working wait staff.  Was having dinner on christmas eve and our waitress not only was phenomenal but was eight months pregnant and had other kids at home, working so she could buy them christmas presents.  I dropped a $200 tip and she tried to give it back but I insisted. She asked my wife if she could hug me.  She was crying and said I just made her kid's christmas.  I got some dust in my eyes as well.

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  2. If it says "backordered"  that means you can go ahead and order it and it will ship within a week or so.  I have done this several times over the last year and the brass usually ships within a few days.  

  3. 1 hour ago, Rex M Rugers #6621 said:

    I have a question from reading some of the replies here. Sorry to interrupt on your thread Captain Bill Burt.

    Anyway , how could a base pin be in too far and interfere with the hammer if it is latched in place, same as it has always been in the past ??

    Curious , Rex :D

    Go check your pistols, if you don't have replacement base pins the ruger factory pins can get pushed in too far and they protrude slightly out the back of the frame into the hammer channel.  This effectively makes a hammer stop and the hammers will not fall all the way and will strike the transfer bar/firing pin light.  If you don't have extra power base pin springs you can push them past the locking notch.

  4. If the base pins are pushed in too far they stop the travel of the hammer.  This would cause the hammer to be back just a little and the firing pin to not strike the primer hard enough.  There is a reason they make belt mountain base pins.

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  5. If both did it at the same  time I would suspect the base pins pushed in too far.   Or possibly you got the base pins or cylinders switched. 

  6. 7 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:


    I'd like to get those brass ends, my yellow ones won't hold back more than 30-40 primers now they are so worn.

    Dillon will replace those for free.  Last time I ordered some they sent me all new tubes.

  7. Do a search on google for 38 special SASS loads and you will get a ton of old threads that listed actual loads using dozens of different powders.  If you have a chronograph work up your own loads using the powders you can find.  Look at a powder burn rate chart, fast burning powders are for light loads, slow powders for magnum loads.  Most fast burning shotgun powders work well for what we do. 

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  8. After buying the pieces individually for my first 650 I bought the "Snowshooz" mod kits on ebay for my other 2, and I think they really smooth the machine out and perform valuable functions.  The case feed shutoff and the primer shutoff work great.  The main thing the roller bearings do is take the "jump" out of the machine so it doesn't jar the case and spill powder when it indexes.  I also add the missed primer catch that has the little bottles that catch the primers.  I am also very picky about keeping my machine very clean and lightly greased. 

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