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  1. My bad, I meant it's in the eastern hemisphere
  2. I guess that makes Alaska the number 1 top state to live in... it's also the furthest east and furthest west state in the union due to crossing the international date line... Additionally, it contains approximately half of the USA's coastline.
  3. So, my dad, brother and I are in a weight loss competition for the new year, there's a $300 pot involved and that looks like another working cowboy pistol to me... Most weight lost is the winner. I feel like I'm a middle contender. My dad has a pretty easy time losing weight, but he's closest to his healthy weight so doesn't have as much to lose, my brother has more capacity to lose than me to get down to a healthy weight, but might not be as motivated, I feel like I'm a candidate to get rid of about 25-33 lbs. main strategy for the next three months is going to be single servings at meals, no sugar and only light vegetable snacks at specified times if needed, get out walking more. Any other recommendations to help a pard get a new cowboy gun? I'd like to try for 10 lbs per month.
  4. https://www.itecusa.org/maverick/ This is the one I worked on and flew in back in the day... My apologies Pat
  5. Hans is on the naughty list for not having good trigger discipline
  6. Repost to clean up my old post as everything else sold. Lee 500-360-M used once, makes nice bullets, has some discoloration from the beeswax lube I used on it. $35 shipped, I'll include my homemade bullet sizers, .496 and .498 made from old sockets (just use a dowel and mallet, no press required). willing to consider trades for 36 or 44 cal cap and ball molds (round ball or conical) or 50 cal rifle molds or 38/357 molds, 20 gauge brass shells, 20 gauge roll crimper, bag of shot, Cowboy hat, lee drum or disk powder measure. can accept ftf, cash app, venmo, paypal, willing to try bitcoin
  7. is it common to not have frontiersman at the KS State championships? Just curious. If I was signing up for a category today, It would probably be duelist as I haven't decided if I want to shoot my long guns in BP, but I don't see a need to put brass in my sixguns
  8. Was listening to my radio DJ the other day talk about how he used to go to Canada for Christmas at his grandparents' house every year. His grandma would get everyone up early to open presents, but there would be no coffee because Tim Horton's wasn't open...as they grew older, they purchased a coffee pot for grandma and grandpa, it only got used on christmas morning each year.
  9. So, we had a kid about nine months after valentine's day last year... with 4 weeks of paternity leave my work offers, my wife was glad to kick me out into the woods for a bit...
  10. Probably doesn't upset Pat to comment on this as it was in the Friday humor thread, but it may upset Alley that this made me want Chinese for lunch...
  11. Anyone else find it weird that Ham is often served for Easter and Christmas in America?
  12. Lesco Brandon the pronunciation is not appropriate for little ears.
  13. it's hard when you're hanging upside down holding on with your toes...
  14. we need a gator hitching post at the FL state match... and some gator wagons... Good on ya Ozzies for coming up with this one
  15. sooo, where on this map are the drop bears?
  16. looks like he's about to go out to get a drink...
  17. ever wonder how many times someone has posted in here without a meme being included? Here's a simple trick to estimate the number.
  18. this seems like a good (I mean bad... yeah, that's what I mean) prank to pull on someone else... reminds me of a couple stories I heard yesterday. some illegal immigrants had purchased some real id's to get a job. One guy got his first paycheck and found out his wages had been reduced for child support and the other was arrested for some felony the previous owner of his ID had committed
  19. if humanity lasts that long against all the jellyfish attacks.
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