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  1. I mean... There's nothing much to do these days but dress up in the house and shoot wax bullets and practice twirling.
  2. Very nice! Where is the rig from? El Paso is taking forever to send mine.
  3. Open to different models. Needs to be .45 loops, 40" belt, and has to be black. Fancy or plain, lemme see what you've got
  4. Thanks so much Dan. It was love at first sight, I had some engraving done on it this week too... All the first born men have the JKK initials going back to 1885, I'm the 4th generation, I wanted this rifle to become something that gets passed down.
  5. It's a 30/30. I've been on the hunt for a rifle and shotgun for a few days now
  6. 10-4. That's the actual pistol that goes with the costume, but I'm still waiting on the correct rig to arrive
  7. This is as stated in the rule book under b-westerns and I'm not finding the same elsewhere, so I think I'd be good to go? "Costumes that depict leading role characters in B-Western movies are allowed as long as the costume is complete with all accessories, but the costuming must still adhere to the boot, leather, spur, hat, and firearm requirements. John Wayne, spaghetti western, and townsperson characters are not acceptable."
  8. So I think we pretty well covered this in the FB group yesterday, but just wanted to double check that Spaghetti Western attire as seen below is allowed in everything except B-Western.
  9. That's very cool guys. I can't wait to get involved. Now if I could just find the dang ammo... I'm on the hunt for a shotgun today. Wish me luck.
  10. I have a guy locally that runs this western wear store called PeeWee Dalton's. He is a wizard at shaping hats. I showed him a picture of The Man With No Name's hat and he picked one off the rack and shaped it to match, took him an hour. You need to befriend a local hat shapper like that IMO.
  11. Sorry Blast, are you referring to me? I don't recall stating anywhere in the conversation that the 2nd amendment gives anyone the right to carry anywhere, nor do I believe it does. I was very clear about respecting private property rules.
  12. Not at all ma'am, I enjoy a lively discussion as much as anyone and am finding the people here to be very friendly and accommodating. Appreciate the warm welcome! Makes perfect sense, unfortunately.
  13. One can disagree with something, but not be upset by it. I'm not upset, I just disagree. Its simple amigo. I've never been asked to unload a carry weapon at any range I've been to from Fort Worth to Odessa. Generally, I shoot out in the desert, but when I go to a range its Family Armory in Midland, they're also the FFL dealer that I transfer to, and two of their workers are students of mine. They do not require me to disarm to or from the range area. If the SASS or individual ranges are doing this because an insurance company is forcing them, then I understand. But this conversation isn't about carrying to and from the shooting area with a loaded firearm, its about me as a spectator not being allowed to carry for the normal reasons people carry for.
  14. I agree with you, but it's the spirit of the 2a. A pro 2a organization should not, in my opinion, be telling supporters to disarm. Nonetheless, I'm happy to comply.
  15. Thank you, this is exactly what I did today.
  16. So, case in point I suppose, but my PCP that I've gone to for the past five years loves my gun belt and six shooter and encourages me to carry it into the office when I get my bloodwork or whatever done. If I'm concealed when I go in the nurses tease me and ask where my guns are at that day. There is only one place in the city that requires me to hide my firearm, and that's HEB. Now there are two, HEB and SASS. Jubel Reed in Midland TX btw, he's great.
  17. Oh you...I see what you did there. You're teasing me right? Very crafty sir. FWIW, I open carry to and from my local range, loaded. I take out my firearm, unload the protection rounds, shoot the target rounds, and replace when I'm done. Not sure where you're getting this "cold range" stuff from. "An armed society is a polite society, unless you're at a sanctioned shooting event" - Captain Bill Burt I could not agree with this more.
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