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  1. I mean... There's nothing much to do these days but dress up in the house and shoot wax bullets and practice twirling.
  2. Very nice! Where is the rig from? El Paso is taking forever to send mine.
  3. Open to different models. Needs to be .45 loops, 40" belt, and has to be black. Fancy or plain, lemme see what you've got
  4. Thanks so much Dan. It was love at first sight, I had some engraving done on it this week too... All the first born men have the JKK initials going back to 1885, I'm the 4th generation, I wanted this rifle to become something that gets passed down.
  5. It's a 30/30. I've been on the hunt for a rifle and shotgun for a few days now
  6. 10-4. That's the actual pistol that goes with the costume, but I'm still waiting on the correct rig to arrive
  7. This is as stated in the rule book under b-westerns and I'm not finding the same elsewhere, so I think I'd be good to go? "Costumes that depict leading role characters in B-Western movies are allowed as long as the costume is complete with all accessories, but the costuming must still adhere to the boot, leather, spur, hat, and firearm requirements. John Wayne, spaghetti western, and townsperson characters are not acceptable."
  8. So I think we pretty well covered this in the FB group yesterday, but just wanted to double check that Spaghetti Western attire as seen below is allowed in everything except B-Western.
  9. That's very cool guys. I can't wait to get involved. Now if I could just find the dang ammo... I'm on the hunt for a shotgun today. Wish me luck.
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