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  1. On 12/2/2022 at 3:48 PM, Captain Bill Burt said:

    So with all seven clubs on board, I think it makes sense to go forward with it using rank points, with seven adult buckles and two junior buckles.   I'm waiting to hear from my source for pins @Buck D. Law, SASS #62183.  We'll need at least 30 people to make it work.  I'll come up with a deadline once I know how much lead time I need, but for sure before the Ides of March by at least several weeks. 


    Right now it looks like we have 

    @John E. Law Little Shyster, @Badlands Bob #61228 @Palmetto Traveller Bogus Jim, myself, Shootin Sharyn, Iron Cowboy,@Fox Creek Stitcher Fast Eddie @Fretless Justified, Uncle Ethan. Cahawbakid. 14!


    Maybe @Imis Twohofon,SASS # 46646,  @Yohan @Dang It Dan 13202 @The Outlaw Travis James


    I think we can hit at least 30.  If we don't I'll be mailing checks back.

    Me and Sapphire Rose will be in on it as well

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  2. I know that I have those 6 listed for time off at work and hope to actually be able to attend all 6 of these. KY. and MS. will be new for me but I have only been doing this a little over 2 years. I know I would also like to fit in Comin-at-cha as well as Land run along with Ambush be tight but who knows. 

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  3. I love my eye doctor here in Chattanooga he made me shooting glasses and allowed me to have pistol and set a target in his office to allow me to get the best sight picture. He has also allowed a long range shooter to bring rifle in and lay in the floor like shooting prone and fixed him up. If i did not use Dr. Lett I would be using the HD hunter Gold prescription glasses.

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  4. I did some testing with Clean shot in my 38 specials actually shot a few matches to make sure my test were proven true. I normally use 3.2 grains of Red Dot in my pistol and rifle 38 specials pushing either a 105 or 125 grain projectile. From seat of the pants testing  that I did I found that I loaded 3.2 grains of clean shot the same grain weight I use for Red Dot. With that said clean shot is a much finer powder that the big flakes of Red Dot and when you look in the case you think holy cow is there even any powder in there. It performs virtually Identical with that said that small amount of powder does not burn as cleanly as expected. my assumption is the more space in the case does not allow for a clean burn and and should in fact require more powder say 3.6-4.0 grains instead of the 3.2 I use. I have this powder as a backup powder for both my Red Dot and Tite group I use in my shotgun. I also tested the shotgun as well and used 13 grains of tight group and also used 13 grains of Clean shot. In summation doing all the math and testing I have done I can say that Clean shot is a grain per grain match to both Red Dot and Tite group. The only caveat I can see is it fills less space at the same grain weight. I hope this lengthy diatribe  was helpful. 

  5. well according to their website registry information they just started this scam in April and the admin is located in North Carolina. All the pertinant information has been privatized so you can't find out who they really are.


    • Organization: Private by Design, LLC
    • Mailing Address: NC, US
    Registrar Information
    • Name: Porkbun, LLC
    • IANA ID: 1861
    • Abuse contact email: abuse@porkbun.com
    • Abuse contact phone: tel:+1.8557675286
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  6. I am a real big fan of my Dillon SL900 actually have 2 of them. I set mine up over a year ago and have made no adjustments except for powder charge when I changed powders can run around 300 a hour if I can keep up with the hulls :-) Stage 1 resizes the brass and forms a straight hull as well as de-primes, Stage 2 seats a primer and drops the powder charge, Stage 3 wad and shot drop, Stage 4 does the pre-crimp and stage 5 is the final crimp and drop into the bucket or whatever you prefer. The Dillon SL900 is designed on the Dillion XL650 frame and runs to me as good as my Dillon XL 650. I spent a good 40 hours working on my DL900 I bought it used and it needed a lot of work but now I can load for Southeast regional easily in 1 evening that includes Pistol and rifle ammo as well as shotgun. Like I said big fan of the Dillon but I am loading for more than just me. 

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