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  1. I have a wooden cart you can use or have pm me if you care too. I live in Mesa too.
  2. there was one on phoenix craigslist in mesa at a tool shop
  3. I have a NIB Browning 1885 Hi-Wall. It's a NRA Deluxe model. I can send you pictures.
  4. late to the party but if #8 is available I'll take them.
  5. You sure you don't want to sell that single 6 that's setting around?
  6. I'm looking for a coupe of new model Ruger single six .22 . If price is right I would also consider a single six combo .22/.22 mag. Condition not too important, I'll be refurbishing these away. thanks
  7. Are the single six still for sale I'm interested.
  8. which one is the Magnum left one or right I'm looking for a .22 but might be interested in the Mag.
  9. Hells Comin Thanks I'll see you there, good meeting you and the others.
  10. I'm looking for rifle and double shotgun dust covers.
  11. Can I get more information and pictures of the Single 7?
  12. I'm looking for a stainless single six .22 with birdshead grips. I would also be interested in a ruger birdshead backstrap Stainless, Brass or Steel in that order. Please let me know if you have something that will work.
  13. I'm looking for a Winchester Mod. 97 pistol grip stock. What do you have laying around that you don't need?
  14. Snakebite I'm looking trough post to buy a Browning BPCR and saw an old post where you were considering selling one you have.  Do you still have it and would you consider selling it?  Thanks Jerry alia Oklahoma Krude.

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