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  1. I can’t wait. The only other thing I’m more excited for is building a 338 Edge on an old CZ action… Making a modern Grizzly gun. This Mauser is getting the 30-06 classic treatment.
  2. Howdy Pards, been missing spending time on the forum, but school is whooping me good. Figured I’d drop in with an update. Semester 1 is basically a machinists cert, which I am loving. Spending 7 hours a day on lathes and mills pumping out parts based on blueprints, we’re graded to within 0.001” accuracy. Today I turned and threaded my first buttress thread, I actually found it easier than regular threading since I didn’t have to push in on the compound, I just used the cross slide. But it looks cool! This part is a Bolt Mandrel for a Mauser 98 action. Fits like a glove. Hope y’all are staying safe and not starting too many saloon brawls
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