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  1. Knew I could rely on y'all for good feedback. Thanks for all the insight. Sounds like for me, the waistbands and pockets are going to be the best bet. I tend to wear more 'fitting' clothing so my ankles are out and its never cold enough to wear jackets down here. I'm good at a quick-shot at 15 yards with a variety of pistols, but you're all right, it will depend on the caliber and mechanics of the gun itself. Going to hop over to the indoor range near work sometime this week and try a few out. The S&W 380 bodyguard looks like it would fit the ticket, ho
  2. So I got my concealed carry permit a year ago, was excited to shop around, and then before I could buy anything the April feeding frenzy happened. I didn't really feel like fighting the crowds... I do that for cowboy guns but thats about it. Things have kind of calmed down now (except for those dang primers) so I'm dipping my toes in to see what I can find. I'm 5'9" 180lb so unfortunately my 5.5" uberti won't conceal too well Looking for something small, semi auto, $500 range... Also what do you all prefer, waistband, shoulder holster, boot holster? I'm as
  3. My favorite wild boar recipes come from Europe, as that's where they originated from anyway. From my understanding the Spanish brought them over when they first came here. In Tuscany they grind the meat, marinate it in wine for 24 hours, then turn it into a rich ragu over fresh tagliatelle and a dollop of homemade sheep's ricotta. This is my family's favorite preparation. In Sicily they make spicy salamis with it. Germany its stuffed into a sausage and smoked heavily (wildschweinewurst), or breaded and fried with a mushroom sauce (jaegerschnitzel)
  4. Howdy Brazos, time sorta slipped away from me past few weeks, the holiday time-warp has arrived in laws flying in next week and the schedules all chaos from there. San Antonio really took me by surprise... we had such a great time with the in-laws, thanks to all of y'alls suggestions. The riverwalk was world class and probably our favorite place to take a walk. We also did the boat tour which was a great way to take it all in and see the scope of it all. Menger was a treat, all that wood detailing and the antique guns just made me feel like I was at home. Alamo was a lot smaller
  5. ouch, sorry that happened to you Allie Mo. But that is good to know. I already have a tempermental ankle from an old sports injury so I'll keep an eye out!
  6. Didn't think to do a boat ride, that's a great idea. Booking one for during the day Saturday now. We're actually gonna enjoy the game from the hotel, or a sports bar if we find one with outdoor or spaced-out seating. We bought us all a suite so we can stay in one place together. That way we can just hang out and laze away the day in whatever venue we find best. Thanks DocWard, I always like to go to the old missions. Used to be a lot up the coast in CA, from Santa Barbara on up. That looks like the perfect Sunday morning spot! I'm excited to
  7. Thanks @Pat Riot, SASS #13748, good ole google search never fails. Also looking for first hand recommendations from anyone, if they have any
  8. Wife and I are going to be in San Antonio this weekend to meet with her dad, who grew up there. He's flying from CA and we're meeting there as a halfway point. He mostly wants to show us his old neighborhood, go to the Alamo, walk the river/drink a bit and watch his Dodgers play our Rays together. He's leaving Sunday early morning and we leave that night, so we figured Sunday during the day might be a good time to do some exploring on our own. Any of you TX pards know of any fun cowboy stores (clothes, gun shops that sell antiques, antique anything shop for
  9. This is Fidget, my ferocious rabbit hunting/flushing partner. He's a Jack Russell but was born with no spot on his face. Snobby breeder didn't want him, told me he was worthless. Boy was she wrong. He has the best nose and is a real good boy.
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