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  1. Up 2,226 cases here in FL today. Weve been ignoring covid for pretty much the whole time here, except for govt buildings. Before it was tough because those who wanted to be safe didnt have much choice other than to stay away from people. But at this point, the vaccine is available to all who are interested, so no reason to not go back to normal. Sure, cases will probably surge. But now that those who want to be protected can be protected, everyone can truly decide whats best for themselves. The people who will get sick at this point, made a personal choice to not get the vaccine (and I support
  2. Ive added a few calibers to my collection this year, what Ive done is go to a big online store of your choosing, find the dies and shellholder ill need and sign up for stock notifications. I just got a notification that my 6.5creedmoor shellplate was back in stock last night. Bought it within 10 minutes, was sold out again within the hour, others are likely doing the same. But hey, aside from primers, Im now all set up for 45-70 and 6.5creed
  3. I'd get this printed and framed. Definitely beats the 'live laugh love' aesthetic
  4. If I got a random text asking to buy something I'd ask for a reference. Too many scams out there right now, text and email are red flags. Unless I posted something online with my number and said 'text or email please'. Then its an in-person transaction only. I don't care how they address me, they can call me Mr Crapface and I'll take their money. If someone calls to buy something thats different. I can talk to them and see what they sound like, ask them questions etc.
  5. With no intention of bragging, I'm slower because I shoot full loads of black powder in a big bore. Its a balancing act for me, I feel better shooting period appropriate powder in a big bore rifle, than I would shooting smaller calibers with cowboy loads. I might get faster with time, but its not my priority. To each their own, to me the game is less about winning than it is about 'playing' with my toys
  6. A lot of times in court, the way it should be isn't always the way it winds up. That's the human element of the procedure. Both sides try to vet the jury so theres no inherent bias, but you trust jurors to be honest during initial questioning. Then the prosecutor has to pick the right charge... like manslaughter... and the judge has to give the fair sentence. The process is fascinating. I still believe ours is the best system in the world, but even the best has areas to improve.
  7. Yes! That is exactly the case that I think of when thinking about brandishing scenarios. He pulled the gun after only being pushed to the ground, and then fired after the attacker turned around. The attacker never had a weapon and never even hit him. That case is a big reason why I tend to err on the side of caution with brandishing scenarios. It is one thing to FEEL threatened in a scenario when the adrenaline is pumping and you're angry... but a jury won't care how you felt... only the bullet points of what happened.
  8. I stand corrected - thanks @Alpo I guess at that point then its up to the jury whether or not the matchup between you vs the attacker was that skewed
  9. Also, this something my wife, who is a lawyer, says that is relevant... 'everyone hates lawyers, until they need one'. I modify it to say 'guns are like lawyers - everyone hates them until they need them'.
  10. I dont disagree with you personally, but the law in FL states 'immediate threat of death'. That means threat of disfigurement or serious bodily injury doesnt count - just death. And I know, someone can pummel you to death... thats where a good lawyer and video evidence that you didnt brandish until it was clearly going that direction is helpful
  11. Theres two types of cowboys, like theres two types of country music... You have your twangy pop country music, where they sing about how sexy their tractors are and how hot their girlfriends shorts look... Then you have your downhome folk and bluegrass, where they tell a story with a message and accompany it with some banjo and fiddle. Same with the look. You can dress like Garth Brooks, or you can dress like John Wayne. Neither are wrong, but they arent the same.
  12. I know its a fake holiday, but my friend in Queretaro still has a drink with me on facetime for traditions sake. Here's a cocktail for today, or any day really, goes well with a homemade tortilla and carnitas: The Oaxacan Wasp 1.5oz Mezcal (a smokey variety) 1 oz honey simple syrup (dissolve honey in hot water 1:1 ratio) 2 slices jalapeno muddle the jalapeno in the Mezcal, add the honey syrup and ice. Garnish with cilantro.
  13. For me the 1-5 scale is necessary for products that I will rarely use, or need for a specific project but only uses once. I do agree that for regular use object, why not buy the best. But if I needed a tool to do something once and never use again, why waste the money? The scale is good then because you could say, yea, its a 3/5, it does the job but not very well.
  14. That's really cool. I wish these bullet feeders would work with lubed bullets, It would really speed up the BP loading.
  15. hoo boy, theres been a lot of people brandishing lately. Not sure the law in KY but here in FL "you may only pull a firearm if you are in direct and immediate threat of death". My instructor laid it out like this... if you get into a fight, and the guy is swinging at you, you may not pull out your firearm. You're being attacked, but punching is not direct threat of death. If he starts choking you, or pulls out a knife, you may. If he then turns around to run away, you may not shoot, since the direct threat is no longer present.
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