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  1. My apologies for the mis-labelling. It is in fact a RIOT shotgun not the Trenchgun version. (I bought it for WWII Reenacting and was going to make it a Trench gun). I just wanted some quick advice from folks who own the base gun. Not enough WWII reenactors have these so I didn't want to ask there. I was putting an ammo order in. Thank you all for the help! Frank
  2. So can buckshot be safely fired from this?
  3. Perfect, I was hoping to see if it could handle 2 3/4 self defense rounds for home defense during these tumultuous times.
  4. Can anyone tell me what 12 gauge ammunition is safe to use in the IAC 1897 Riot Shotgun? 2 3/4 I believe is what I've read elsewhere. But can it safely handle buckshot? Birshot? Slugs? Thank you! Frank
  5. I'm looking to trade one of my 1894 Cowboy Marlins for a Ruger Stainless Steel .44 Magnum Vaquero plus cash. If you have one you are parting with, please pm me!
  6. I have a used Marlin 1894 Cowboy in .44 Magnum. Beautiful gun, *Not JM*. This has the checkering on the stock and foregrip. Has some very minor finish scuffs around a few screws, otherwise in good shape. Has a skinner express rear sight and sling mounts. $850.00 shipped to an ffl. I can ship to an FFL or I can meet up in Oak Brook IL.
  7. Hello, I'm selling my Marlin 1894 Cowboy limited in .45 LC. This is a 20in barrel and in great shape! The stocks Marlin Bullseye was drilled for a sling mount. Other than that, the rifle is in GREAT shape! Super accurate and fun to shoot! $800 plus shipping to an FFL. I can arrange pick up in IL if you are local, but if you are out of state I'd prefer to ship to an FFL (IL laws are terrible for out of state transfers).
  8. Hello everyone! I'm offering up for sale my Ruger New Model Blackhawk in .45 LC for sale. I'm asking $400 plus shipping or open to trades for other Ruger revolvers or rifles in .44 magnum or .357. It is a wonderful shooter, perfectly functional work gun. It does have some cosmetic issues that need to be addressed though. -Needs new grips (old ones have a crack in em) -Some screw holes have scuffing thanks to a first time gunsmith (I was strapped for cash and had him replace the loading gate spring) -A minor wear spot on the bluing from the holster. But it's rust free, clean and great to shoot! Otherwise this is a AWESOME little gun and fun to shoot! Located in Illinois if you wanna pick up or I can ship to an FFL of your choosing. (FFL must accept firearm shipments from non-FFL's) Please feel free to ask questions and for as many pictures as you want. I work from home at the moment so I have no problem taking photos. Thanks! Frank
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