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  1. Good Sir I am interested for sure, not entirely satisfied I did the PM thing correctly. Likely better to use regular e mail. I am old and not very social media savvy! baileyj5544@yahoo.com
  2. Did this sell? If not I would sure be interested?
  3. Fireball, I am going to pass, just a bit more coin than I can gamble on the fit. I have searched around a bit and not really found a definitive answer. Perhaps one of these guys on here more savvy knows. Will holsters made to fit rugers vaquero fit a uberti el patron? Sincere thanks for prompt reply. Great looking holsters!
  4. I have sent you a PM but not entirely sure it went? I am interested
  5. I sent a check for both, I just offered to withdraw due to the apparent frustration with snail mail.
  6. Hawknose, I noticed the inquiry from Howdy Pardner, both of you gents are in Indiana. If you are in a bind and need the cash ASAP no worries at all of you want to sell the hats to Howdy Pardner. If he does Pay Pal and or lives close enough to you, feel free to sell the hats to him. Lord knows I won’t miss not having two more hats, hah! My apologies for utilizing snail mail. I was upfront and told you I did not have Pay Pal. I fully realize the reputation our mail service has earned this Holiday Season. If you decide to sell to Howdy Pardner to expedite turning the hats into cash just let me kn
  7. I would take both, I am not sure how to navigate this site yet as I am new. If you could send me a e mail we can sort out payment baileyj5544@yahoo.com
  8. Just got my loading blocks (3 of them)in the mail yesterday from MM. Great job, love the quality. Now if we could only use them! Our matches are cancelled indefinitely at this point. I see some redneck farmeneering for match practice in my future!
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