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  1. I’ll take Em, all of shirts and vests that have not sold. Please send a PM and we can sort out how to get square. I am in Fargo ND
  2. Just got my loading blocks (3 of them)in the mail yesterday from MM. Great job, love the quality. Now if we could only use them! Our matches are cancelled indefinitely at this point. I see some redneck farmeneering for match practice in my future!
  3. This thread has brightened my day considerably. Our boy joined Army just to jerk my chain and our whole family is military including my wife who was a crew chief on a F something or other, I think it is a plane. We worked with Rangers on occasion plus Brits. Nothing but respect to both. tip of the spear 2nd Mar!
  4. So just a quick note of sincere thanks to Ridgeway for his time yesterday. I have literally now only been exploring Cowboy Shooting for two days. I have never even seen a match much less competed in one. He endured about a million questions from me that most would have simply shook their heads thinking to themselves what a FNG! It was like drinking from a fire hose listening to the depth of knowledge he had on the sport. At some point we even actually talked about his pistols he has for sale. While he did not discourage me from purchasing them he did encourage me to go to a local gun store and wrap my gorilla mitts around several different versions prior to purchasing, sage advice. If his integrity and honesty is a reflection of the folks in this sport, I am in. Gotta go, the gun shops are about to open, I need to sort out what I like for grips!
  5. I am new to this forum but am super interested in your pair of pistols. How do I proceed. I am a certified pistol instructor and teach for a living. Valid CCL etc etc. I have a local FFL for them to land at Noah Jarhead
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