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  1. MarkOue , I see you are new here so if you want to just give me your phone number and I will call you and talk you through it. H C Drifter
  2. Great, send me a postal money order for $60 for 1 box of 500 rds . I do have severial boxes of this size is 500rds enough ?  send to Wayne Mitchell , 373 Trestle Lane , Roaring Spring , PA. 16673. along with the money be sure to include your address for shipping to you . As soon as I get the gold I will ship them to you and send you a tracking #.  Thanks so much , H C Drifter

  3. Thompson/Center Contenders. I have for sale 2 frames and 5 bull bbls. One frame and a 10" Bull bbl. is $450 and you can get a second 10" bull bbl.for $300 or with the 14 " bbl . with frame scope $600 My bbls are as follows plus shipping. 1 10' bull bbl. in 7mmTCU 2 10" bull bbl in 22LR 3 10" bull bbl in 357 Maxium 4 10" bull bbl stainless steel in 22 Hornet 5 14" bull bbl is a 30-30 Win that has been Magnaported an comes with a T/C 1.5 X long eyerelief pistole scope for $450 SOLD accessories 1 Pacmire grips for the Comtender $75 SOLD 2 Burris 4X pistole scope $300 + shipping 3 Burris 2 1/2X -7X pistol scope $350 + shipping If you buy several items we can combine items for cheaper shipping
  4. maybe just go to the local range , like at your gun club set up the chrono and test your reloads.
  5. Don't know how you guys without chronos can reload , they help so much.
  6. I'm selling my chronograph, It's an Oehler Research Inc, model 35P . it comes with everything you need 2 mounting rails , 2 stands and 3 receivers and hoods plus a carrying case. If you are a reloader you need a Chronograph and this is a top of the line chronograph, it is in very nice condition,Will sell for $395 + $50 sHIPPING they cost $595 NEW LOWERED PRICE $300+$50 Shippinghipping
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