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  1. I have a bench source annealer but you culd use a drill and socket to turn it in flame,I hear ya I wanted t find some brass  or loaded ammo then I would have correct brass to reload but this worked out even better.It also worked out well as I have a 50 Alaskan already and had a bunch of new brass on the shelf,have fun I really like this round 

  2. I don’t have any for sale I hope you find some,I was in same boat a while back,couldn’t find anything,so with advice I had read on here and others I ended up taking 50 Alaskan cases running in Lyman 45-75 dies annealed and ended up ordering a mold from Steve Brooks for the original 350 grain bullet and once formed and shot I simply expand mouth a little drop in 75 grains of 3f and prime.

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