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  1. Thanks to all who replied! Not too keen to modify the original hammers themselves...was hoping to find something to replace them with. Guess it would have to be a parts gun to salvage hammers off of to be modified. Guess for now I'll just stuff more powder in em' (30g of 777) to make them jump enough for me to more easily grab the hammers for the next shot.
  2. Title says it all. Starting to shoot "Gunfighter" style, but have stubby thumbs...Makes it a bit awkward getting to the hammer to re-cock. I've seen lowered hammers on colt clones and Ruger cartridge revolvers but want to know if same sort of thing is available (manufactured) for ROA percussion revolvers.
  3. Do you still have the "2 holsters and 2 belts size 35 to 41 and holds Vaqueros and opentops up to 7 1/2"has beautiful buckles and belt tips $200 + $$35 shipping". I'm interested...I may have to suck in about an inch of "winter weight" to get into the belts, but my ROAs should fit those holsters nicely. I'd PM you, but I'm a little tech challenged. If you can help me we can work out the details via PM.
  4. Looking for a Left-Hand cross-draw holster to fit Ruger Old Army .45 percussion revolver with 7-1/2" barrels. Prefer a plainsman style. I don't mind well-worn leather, in fact, I'd kind of favor it as long as it's still sturdy enough for regular match use.
  5. Just confirm, #1 is Right-Hand cross draw? I'm a lefty... Never mind...I see it now...duh....
  6. Thanks to all who've provided tips! Excellent info that has me on my way. I'm also fortunate to have a good friend who casts his own bullets, and now, my round balls too. Looking forward to next Spring's Washington State Black Powder Championship match where I'll be shooting C&B instead of cartridge. Will be practicing loading, shooting and cleaning until then. Thanks again pards! HH
  7. Thanks! I've seen guys use them, but didn't even think about it when I got the pistols. Fortunately I have some old broken deer antler sets out in the old barn that should work perfectly.
  8. Just recently acquired a trio of percussion cap revolvers; 2 - Ruger Old Armies and 1 - Pietta 1851 Navy. I'm not completely green, but would appreciate some help with what sort of "tools" should I carry on my gun cart during matches. I've got the nipple wrench (Slixwrench), powder flask, powder measure and a capper tool. Are there also decapping tools and/or nipple cleaners (like a cutting torch tip cleaner) that I should be carrying? I also bought the SlixSprings cheater handle and ram extensions. Just looking for anything I missed, including cleaning kits/tools. I'm looking forward to shooting some frontiersman matches in the coming season and just want to get geared up and practiced over the winter. Thanks, HH
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