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  1. Thank you for the kind words, Cypress Sun! I'm glad that you let me know that this was posted here in the Saloon too... I hadn't really ventured over to this side of the forums yet so I otherwise wouldn't have known about this post. I'm not sure if you're referring to the original gentleman (Jim Bowman) or me... but if the latter, you (and everyone) have permission to download it for offline listening! In fact, I have a downloadable version available on my SoundCloud account that is from this same video recording but equalized/cleaned up a little bit. I've also attached it to th
  2. Captain George Baylor's review of this shotgun also got me interested in it, and I'm happy to report that it is indeed a great firearm! I actually recently wrote a review article about the 512T from a newer shooter's perspective, and I'm honored that it was just published in the January 2021 issue of The Cowboy Chronicle too. It starts on page 28 if anybody is interested in checking it out. If you're considering one but are fence about this listing, Tyrel Cody is offering it for a very fair price considering the work that has been done to it! It makes sense that this
  3. Beautiful 1911! PM sent. EDIT: It's still available. Get it while supplies last!
  4. I am still on the lookout for the elusive Miroku 1866 in 38 Special. (That Bass Pro Shops new old stock sale that I mentioned in my previous post was so transient that I honestly wonder if it was real, or simply a website/inventory glitch!) I updated my original post to "WTB / WTT" and added descriptions/links to two (very different) Model 1873 rifles. I would be willing trade off either of them for a Miroku 1866 if anybody is interested in that exchange.
  5. Thank you for the helpful replies, everyone. If I decide to go with this (or a similar) folding sight, I like the idea of taking the insert out and turning it around to hopefully avoid any drama with (and to avoid needing any Sharpie for) the white inlay.
  6. Is the Marble's #95 folding rear sight, such as the one pictured above and this one here at MidwayUSA, legal for SASS use? I searched this forum (and other CAS-related forums around the web) but haven't come across a definitive answer. Some posts say that it is OK; another poster said that he had issues regarding the legality of the white "faux ivory" diamond inlay; others took issue with the idea that they weren't used on lever-action rifles until 1906 and argued that they should not be considered "available during the cowboy era." Here are the potentially relevant excerpts (both
  7. Thank you for the helpful input, everyone. I did consider getting a 24" Deluxe Octagon model (especially since Bass Pro Shops seems to have inventory of new old stock available via "Ship to Store" on their website at the time of this post) and trying it out as-is, then possibly getting it professionally cut down to 18–20" and slicked up in the future if it was too unwieldy for me. At a local match this weekend, I had the opportunity to check out another shooter's Miroku 1873 Deluxe Octagon rifle that had that exact job done to it by Cowboy Carty, and it looked/felt great. I reached
  8. I'm interested in a Model 1866 rifle. I have handled, shot, and considered Italian-made replicas but have recently been looking more at the Miroku-made Winchester 1866 because of my positive experience with their Model 1873. I haven't come across much recent information about them despite searching the Wire and the web. From my understanding, only a 20-inch round-barrel "Short Rifle" model and a 24-inch "Deluxe Octagon" model were available in 38 Special. Store listings and GunBroker auctions for those models are few and far between, and even then I'm pretty sure I've only seen the
  9. BTT for these beautiful firearms.@No Buk Chuck SASS # 24540, any chance that you’ll be at the Florida state match with these guns? @heckofagator, I remember you from another post since you said you were just getting started in the game, particularly the “acquisition” stage of it. These seem like a great deal for pistols and a rifle that have already been slicked up by reputable gunsmiths. (Even I am tempted by them even though I don’t need them... but when do we ever? )
  10. I'm a little belated in posting for the first time to introduce myself, but figured that this thread might be the best place to do it! SASS Alias: Santa Rosa Slinger SASS #: 109505 Where you are from: Tampa, Florida How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: since December 2019 Links: Action Shooting Network, YouTube
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