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  1. Looking for some guidance regarding prescription shooting glasses. I am far sighted and wear progressive trifocals. I have heard that having shooting glasses with two single focus lenses with different prescriptions (one for distance, one for near objects) allows the shooter to get/maintain a better sight picture. The questions I have are, has anyone done this and how much improvement is there? The other question is which eye gets which prescription? My left eye is dominant. I am right handed and shoot revolvers right handed, but shoot long guns left handed so I can keep both eyes open.

    Advance thanks to any and all who can shed some light on this.



  2. 2 minutes ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    Weekly tests exercise? I wondered how often you have to do that. I'm thinking about getting a Generac.

    Had one when we lived on the NC Coast. It ran 15 minutes every Monday morning.  It was a great asset.  

  3. Outskirts of Waco, power off and on every few hours.  Just found out tankless water heaters do freeze up and hair dryers don’t do much good in this weather. Oh well, wife still snuggles.

  4. I started a post asking about shot timers and got some very good comments about various shot timers.  While searching the internet a found some you tube videos about  AMG  Lab Commander Shot timers. Is anyone familiar with them and what are your thoughts? They appear to be simple to use and can down load to an iPad.  Any comments will be appreciated. 

  5. I would appreciate some guidance about choosing a shot timer. I have never had one and am not sure what features are worthwhile. The features that I know are important to me are that it be reliable, have a screen I can easily read, simple to operate (no short novel length instructions manual). It would be nice if I could down load records to my Mac to track my progress. Also is has a delay start, has the ability to record dry fire training exercises, and has some sort of clip/mechanism to attach it to my clothes.  My web searches show that most seem to be comparably  priced, so  the functionality is more important to me,

    Thanks in advance


    Does anyone have experience with  an AMG Lab Commander Shot Timer?  Looks like it has many of the features I am looking for especially being able to down load to an iPad.

  6. A friend called today with a question I would like to pass on to more experienced reloaders than myself. He has a Dillon 550 and needs a die set for a 45 apc. He wanted to know if carbide dies are worth the extra money and if so why. He loads some cast bullets but mainly jacketed ones. Also he would like to know if there is a reason to keep everything Dillon.


    I told him I am no expert, but I am in SASS, and there are members who load 1000s of rounds who will know. So I told him I would ask and share the link to the SASS wire with him. Who knows maybe a potential new member.


    Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge with him and me.



  7. Everything Waxahachie Kid &  Sedalia Dave and others said. Also I live outside of Waco, very good medical care available, nice size city, not as big a hassle as Houston, DFW, or Austin and you can get get where you need to be without I35.  VA care available,  great Mexican food, some property tax exemptions available (homesteader, Ag, wildlife, senior, disability), as stated NO state income tax. Sale tax & other taxes vary by location.  Housing cost are reasonable, we have lived in several states  not as low as some but better than most, particularly if you want away from the major metropolitan areas.  Come down and check it out.... unless you  think Biden is the answer.

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