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  1. Hi, my favorite hat, by Miller Hats, that I use for Wild Bunch. They call it the "Fort Sill, Regards, Mikel
  2. Hi, just the topic's title...... made me think of this poster, from WW1 , Mike
  3. Hi, lost water twice; once in the shower . First time when the power from the pole was only giving me 110 volts instead of 220. The second was the 20 year old pump. The power company kept saying it was my box. It was in fact the wire from the pole that was corroded because years ago they were saving money and put in a cheaper wire. No power no water, so I keep water on hand in Jerry cans, https://www.buylci.com/water-can-5-gallon.html . These are very sturdy and in my garage over the winter they never lost a drop, regards, Mike
  4. Hi, I have several Garands that I have purchased from the CMP and one is a .308. Originally .308 Garands were made for the Navy. Mine is barreled by the CMP in one of their "Specials". It shoots good and I think the main reason is cheaper ammunition. Some say the recoil is lighter. You use the same clips and parts except the barrel.If you don't know about the CMP here's an article I wrote for the "Survival Blog" in 2014, https://survivalblog.com/the-cmp-americas-civilian-armory-by-uncle-mike/ . Check out the CMP, it's your last chance to get a real Garand. It's open only to US citizens and once you qualify they FedEx the rifle to your home, regards, Mike
  5. Hi, here's my 1895 saddle ring carbine, in 30-40 Krag, made in japan, regards, Mike
  6. Hi, side and front clip for a Norden Bomb sight, regards, Mike PS: I know they are free but I don't need them so pass it on, Thanks
  7. Hi, here is what Wilson says. "CASE GAGE INSTRUCTIONS One piece gage that will check overall length to indicate the need for trimming, datum to head length to assure correct headspace and to prevent over sizing. Available for most popular rimless cases. The Cartridge Case Gage was designed with safety in mind and was invented by our founder Sam (L.E.) Wilson in 1935 after a fellow shooter approached him for help in solving a case-separation issue. The gage allows you to see just how much you are sizing back your shoulder on your cases. This is best done by following the steps below. Measure a case in AS-FIRED condition. Note headspace measurement Resize case on current die setting Then place back in the gage to see just how much you are sizing the shoulder back. This can be measured by using the Case Gage Depth Micrometer Finally, adjust sizing die accordingly to desired shoulder set back. After sizing your cases, there is a good chance the brass will lengthen. The gage will also check min/max case length and will point out the need for case trimming. This is an essential tool for every reloader. Note: Does not measure body diameters. This gage is intended to be used with fired cases to determine a basis for full length sizing and trimming." So that explains what the gage does. As Etan Cord says, it is not a headspace go no go field etc. gage. I also did not see this, 38-40, on the Wilson web page, any more, , regards, Mike
  8. Hi, I have the Wilson gauge. I was looking for a "chamber checker" as I check my loads before a match. The Wilson is the only game in town. One thing I noticed is that in my Uberti 1873 with light loads my shells are, checking the headspace, almost unchanged. They fall to the bottom of the gauge, regards, Mike
  9. Hi, that's one long link, , but it works, Mike
  10. Hi, here's a link to the USDA, regards, Mike https://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsis/topics/food-safety-education/get-answers/food-safety-fact-sheets/safe-food-handling/shelf-stable-food-safety/ct_index/!ut/p/a1/jZFfT8MgFMU_TR8p1M6l861pYrbqWpdFx_qy0BYoCYUG0KqfXvbnZWbTcZ8453cC915YQQwrRT4EJ05oReT-Xk13aIWm0SxDeTmLHtGieFuVT1mGkvW9B7Z_AEV8Y_7KSdF_-fyGB-7MMltyWA3EdUAopiHm1AGi7EiNhZhp3QJLGHVfgJHGAdtR6ryx18DB7YhqpVDcax2VDFhHannyjkmIG7cTqqWfcAOr81-hyNeiiNeTeV7EqJz8Bi6M7Qhcn4tvnEtdH3a0TVUdJ75DQxk11ITvxsudc4N9CFCAxnEMudZc0rDRfYAuRTptHcTnJBz6V_z9nM6ReOk3iU1_AOZjiaw!/#6
  11. Hi, I just received my copy of the Cowboy Chronicle. Due to the present health situation I have lost touch. What I gather is that the board is retiring and a lady has been appointed to pick a new one. " I leave SASS to Misty Moonshine and her choices for a new board..." So can someone explain please, regards, Mike
  12. Hi, I keep stuff long enough to dispose of it; just before I discover I need it. My record is 20 years. I threw it out and then needed it 3 weeks later. Mike
  13. Hi, Wow, what a idiot I am ! I bought a hat in my size. When it gets too small I get a haircut, LOL, regards, Mike
  14. Hi, I have always used the slingshot method. I have complete control of the pistol. I don't hang on to the slide, AKA slingshot. I recently had a reblued 1911 made in 1918 that I purchase from a shooter 20 years ago close on an empty magazine. I had to changed out the slide stop, I checked the magazine first. I got my first 1911 in the 70's and this is the first slide stop I have had to replace, YMMV, regards, Mike
  15. Hi, I have under 1K. I have two friends at my club that have barrel scopes; one with a TV monitor. They say my barrels look good. I reload and find that the lighter loads using H4350 gives me the best accuracy. I also routinely use a "Chamber Chiller" as to not heat up my barrel, too much. My newest 6.5 Creedmoor is a Tikka T3x Tac A1. After the AR 15 the 6.5 is the rifle I see the most at my club which has 1000 + members. I am involved with "Centerfire Benchrest" and qualifying shooters for our 500 meter range ; so I see a lot of members rifles. Time will tell, regards, Mike
  16. Hi, are you sure ? I have been shooting a Creedmoor for a while. I bought mine before it was popular. I have not found that the case, regards, Mike
  17. Hi, Cherry Valley Massacre..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherry_Valley_massacre Mike
  18. Hi, here's the page from Powder Valley, https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/product-category/reloading-supplies/primers/?filter_brand=winchester&query_type_brand=or It shows both types of primers. The "Match" primers are about $5 more per thousand. Doesn't seem that much more but I don't see the point . regards, Mike
  19. Hi, I have this DVD and found it interesting/good. I don't know if there are any errors, regards, Mike https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Winchester-97-DVD-Lenny-Magill/dp/B0002DVAAE/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=complete+winchester+1897&qid=1586790920&sr=8-2
  20. Hi, I can't find an Alliant Promo or Red Dot load for the 44-40. I think Lumpy Gritz has some good advice. If your shells are sometimes hard to chamber in your revolver. I would check you resizing of your cases. You have a rifle and pistol so you should full length resize each case. I found this on Alliant Promo....... "www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=257182 Red dot is a canister powder, hence will throw the same from lot to lot (pretty much, but you still need to weigh your throws anyways when getting into a new jug). Promo is not a canister powder (not blended to be the same weight/volume from lot to lot), so every lot you need to check and adjust your bushing to throw what you need." I would go to a different powder, (Unique ? ) and use Lumpy's advice, Regards, Mike
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