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  1. Hi, I like the Ft. Sill hat by Millers Hats in Houston ,Texas. They have a few "Cavalry" hats. I have no relation with that company except as a customer but they are top notch; here's a link, regards, Mike https://www.millerhats.com/store/index.php?route=common/home
  2. Hi, I called this morning. The web site is now working, regards, Mike Hi, just tried again ( 3:30 CST ) and it's in the toilet again. I guess I'll wait or look around for a new vendor, regards, Mike
  3. Hi Cat, this shotgun was sent to the Gunsmith who installed it. He fired it in a video but I couldn't get it to run correctly. Thanks for your concern, regards, Mike
  4. Hi, I use the RCBS "Little Dandy" powder measure and Unique meters better than Bullseye. What you say is true it's dirty and fills up the case. Filling up the case is a plus for me, YMMV. regards, Mike
  5. Hi, I get the web page and when you click on one of the sections you get this, "NOTICE: This domain name expired on 2/24/2020 and is pending renewal or deletion." Hope they are still around, Mike
  6. Hi, did El Paso Saddlery go under? I could not use their web site. It says "domain for sale" , regards, Mike
  7. Hi, thanks KingSnake, this was installed by a GS and was allegedly a new kit. I just thought I was missing something. Thanks for the tips, regards, Mike
  8. Hi, has anyone had problems with the 6 round kit in the Winchester 1897 ? I recently tried one and it was a "jam-o-matic". It seemed as if the spring was too weak, regards, Mike
  9. Hi, I am looking for a take down. Due to ignorance and been computer challenged I thought this was the Shotgun for me. I didn't realize it was a solid frame. That's the main reason, Sorry and Thanks Mike. PS: When i message you I get this, "Blind Eye cannot receive messages."
  10. Hi, I'm sorry to say I am going to pass on this. When I am able to message you I will, Mike
  11. Hi, you didn't respond to my questions. Leave a telephone # and I'll call you, Mike
  12. Hi, I was also interested in this and I found this on YouTube, Mike
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