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  1. Hi, It's luck of the draw. I picked the" best" condition and got what I got. My cousin did the same and got a mismatched slide and frame and was not happy. He has a very interesting pistol though as the frame has an Austrian Army mark. Probably used during the occupation and issued to the Austrians,(maybe ?? ) Here's the original post https://www.1911forum.com/threads/unusual-cmp-1911.1001978/#post-12964474 When they call you they tell you what's available at that moment. This could change as they process more pistols. One number for lifetime (?); will this change, I don't know. I misspoke I have a 1919 not 1918, regards, Mike
  2. Hi, the one I got is a "Service Grade" . It cost $1050 shipped. It's a straight 1911 made in 1918 and redone at the Springfield Armory. It has only one rebuild mark and not newly parkerized. The slide and frame match. It's one pistol , per person once in a lifetime. You have to qualify, citizenship, club membership, etc. follow the link. You may also want to think about getting an M1 Garand while your at it, regards, Mike PS: here's an article you may find helpful. Yes it is worth the effort. https://www.alloutdoor.com/2020/08/20/purchasing-m1-garand-cmp/
  3. Hi, the CMP will open a second round for those that did not participate previously. I received a 1911 made in 1918 and am very happy with it, regards, MikeCMP Prepares to Open Second Round of 1911 Pistol Orders in Early 2021 - Civilian Marksmanship Program This is the one I got....
  4. Hi, P1's as was stated by DeaconKC had alloy frames. In 2000 a bunch were imported, they have a legend stamped on the left side of the frame, with a date. These were sold in the $300 range with holsters ,extra magazines, and cleaning kits. I was told these were reconditioned modern German army pistols used by police and sold as surplus. Mine shoots like a "house afire" . So good that I bought a second, that shot not as good. I sold the second and I guess the first was magic, regards, Mike
  5. Hi, I recently got my monthly newsletter from the CMP. This link was listed... https://www.alloutdoor.com/2020/08/2...m1-garand-cmp/It's a spot on description of getting a M1 Garand from the CMP. The author went for a "Field Grade" which usually has that "lived in look". Pickins are pretty slim but rifles can be had between $650 and up, and they send it to your house, in most states. Check it out, regards, Mike
  6. Hi, my favorite hat, by Miller Hats, that I use for Wild Bunch. They call it the "Fort Sill, Regards, Mikel
  7. Hi, that's one long link, , but it works, Mike
  8. Hi, here's a link to the USDA, regards, Mike https://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsis/topics/food-safety-education/get-answers/food-safety-fact-sheets/safe-food-handling/shelf-stable-food-safety/ct_index/!ut/p/a1/jZFfT8MgFMU_TR8p1M6l861pYrbqWpdFx_qy0BYoCYUG0KqfXvbnZWbTcZ8453cC915YQQwrRT4EJ05oReT-Xk13aIWm0SxDeTmLHtGieFuVT1mGkvW9B7Z_AEV8Y_7KSdF_-fyGB-7MMltyWA3EdUAopiHm1AGi7EiNhZhp3QJLGHVfgJHGAdtR6ryx18DB7YhqpVDcax2VDFhHannyjkmIG7cTqqWfcAOr81-hyNeiiNeTeV7EqJz8Bi6M7Qhcn4tvnEtdH3a0TVUdJ75DQxk11ITvxsudc4N9CFCAxnEMudZc0rDRfYAuRTptHcTnJBz6V_z9nM6ReOk3iU1_AOZjiaw!/#6
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