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  1. I use the regular Hoppe's Elite solvent, and it's wonderful. Gets the guns cleaner than anything else I've used, and with no smell (happy wife, happy life). Haven't tried the foaming stuff, but will be sure to avoid it now. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Hostiles is a must see. Such a fantastic movie. I need to watch it again.
  3. Honesty is the best approach. If you need an in, bring up something she hates to eat, and then tell her you feel the same way about the soup as she does about whatever it is that she doesn't like. Explain you're not trying to hurt her feelings, but your taste buds just don't agree with hers. If her feelings get hurt, so be it... it happens, and she'll get over it. Damned if I'd suffer...
  4. Not if you get a 4-click Pietta.
  5. The correct answer regarding the crimp is to taper crimp until the mouth of the case meets the spec for the cartridge. For .45ACP, this measurement is .473 inches. This is not something you want to eyeball, since it's critical to the correct operation of the gun. Use your calipers. Once you lock down the crimp die with the right amount of crimp, you're good to go.
  6. If you ever have one wrap itself up with your heart strings, you'll understand. This guy brings me endless joy.
  7. A dog will lick just about anyone's face with love. If a cat licks your face with love, you know it's because the cat actually loves you, not because it just doesn't know any better.
  8. My dad was a big cowboy gun fan, and when I was a kid I got cowboy cap guns and such (see my profile pic), but after I got a little older I wasn't really all that interested in it other than watching the movies. I liked the newer stuff, plus I got into front-stuffing. It wasn't until recently my heart drifted back to the old west, and I got serious about getting into CAS and such. My point is, I wouldn't really worry too much. His tastes will change over time, but you can bet that he'll never forget grandpa and will likely love and cherish the passed down firearms regardless.
  9. Me too! I hope one of the stages has the Texas Star again... I'll bet I don't have to shoot the same target 5 times to knock it off this year!
  10. I have Wells Fargo and use Zelle often to send and receive money from my daughter. Never had an issue.
  11. Because .45 caliber guns don't sound like someone blowing a spitball out of a straw at the target.
  12. I saw this a few weeks back. Absolutely hilarious!
  13. You can NOT fire it safely, and the bullet will NOT go down the barrel; the upper will explode. There are tons of pictures and stories about this out there. You MUST be extremely careful to not chamber .300BO in a 5.56. 300boina556.webp fired300ina556.webp
  14. This Early Lancaster rifle in .54 that I built from Chambers parts:
  15. These are the exact bullets I've been shooting exclusively since last fall. They're great... you can't go wrong with these. I load them over 5.5 grains of Trail Boss. You can get the same bullets from Bullets by Scarlett, and help out a fellow cowgirl at the same time.
  16. Oh, I don't disagree pardner! I just don't want to see the state and/or country turn into a bloodbath, even though that's probably what needs to and will happen. Doesn't make it any less frightening.
  17. I have chosen for several reasons to not be at the capital on Monday, however, that doesn't mean I don't care or support the effort to put a stop to this insane madness. I have donated to VCDL as well as renewed my membership, and I am e-mailing my representatives daily. I have no doubt that they are going to cram through these unconstitutional laws regardless of what the people of Virginia want. I can only hope that when they do it will be short-lived, as either the supreme court will rule them unconstitutional, or in the next 2 years gun owners finally wake up and vote out the traitors. Ideally, the governor would be recalled prior to that, but I'm not holding my breath. Hopefully the events over the next few days don't turn out to be the beginning of the next civil war in this country. Tensions are high.
  18. I have a mid-lenth carbine, and a mock dissipator with mid-length gas. Those are cool, but they're not A2 cool! Daughter likes the old-school guns as well, and we got her an A3 with the detachable handle for Christmas a couple of years back, and she was over the moon. I will post pics when I get the new one finished!
  19. Anyone else into old-school A1/A2 rifles? It's been hard to pry my brain away from CAS lately.... but I have a few stripped lowers laying around, so I've decided to build an A2. Ordered a stripped upper from Brownells, already have the right stock and handguard, ordered an LPK, gas tube, and BCG yesterday, just need to get the barrel and should be good to go. I dunno what it is about it, but to me an AR just looks right with that fixed carry handle! The rifle length gas and 20" barrel just shoots so nice as well... not much to not like IMHO. Dude
  20. Yeah, I found a used one on Gunbroker, bought it from Johnny Meadows.
  21. Stories such as this make me glad I bit the bullet, coughed up the cash, and got a Browning instead of a Stoeger. I hope you get it sorted out soon. Dude
  22. Pressing Ctrl-C multiple times to copy something you've highlighted into the clipboard.
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