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  1. Hahahaha! If I did two different shirts, it would be really cool! I've checked out everything, and I've been in touch with Annie, and I'm very impressed with her. Very much looking forward to getting some stuff made by her! Thank you to everyone for your help! Much appreciated! Dude
  2. Jason Widmer at Boomstick Arms will also slick one up for you.
  3. Thank you very much! I will get up with her!
  4. Don't want a Henley, BUT the Edward's shirt is a find! Thank you sir!
  5. I've ordered from Spur Western Wear, they're great, BUT... they don't have the type of shirts I'm asking about in my size. Newer western shirts are no problem... it's the old west style ones that I've found are only going up to about 4X. I'm bigger than that.
  6. I searched here in the forums. I've looked at Wild West Mercantile, they don't have them that will fit me. Scully's and Frontier Classics don't either. Scully's is starting to make some vests and shirts big enough, but not the kind of shirts I'm looking for.
  7. Howdy! I did some searching, and I couldn't really find anything, so I figured I'd make a post. I'm a big guy, and I'm having a hard time finding old west clothing in my sizes. Thought it may be worth asking if there are any folks in the game who will make clothes to fit measurements for those who can't find pre-made? I'd really like a couple of old style shirts with the stand up collar, and maybe the button bib too, and some trousers with the saddle gusset as well. Suggestions? Thanks! Dude
  8. Hendrix has the best breakfast in NC. One of the things I truly miss about living in Salisbury.
  9. I kept my eye out on grabagun.com, and scored two new Cimarron Pistoleros in .45 Colt for less than $400 each. They are surprisingly good considering the price. They are timed very well, they lock up nice, they're smooth, and they shoot great. No, they aren't slicked up Vaqueros, but they work, and I shot my first clean match with them a couple of weeks ago no problem. I think for a beginning shooter on a budget they're hard to beat unless you can score a great deal on a used pair. Dude
  10. Thank you so much Johnny! I can't wait to get her! Dude
  11. I've spoken on the phone with him, and he is truly a gentleman and a scholar. He's even replacing the front bead with a white one for me at no charge prior to shipping the gun. Very awesome. Thank you again Jerry for the reference! Much appreciated! Dude
  12. Howdy! I'm looking to get a nice 12 gauge SXS single trigger hammerless shotgun. Preferably one that is already slicked up and race ready. Not interested in Stoegers, looking for higher quality like an SKB or similar. This is the final gun I need to get going, as I'm new to the game. Also not interested in non-double barreled guns. Thanks! Dude Slade SASS #108987
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