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  1. This Early Lancaster rifle in .54 that I built from Chambers parts:
  2. These are the exact bullets I've been shooting exclusively since last fall. They're great... you can't go wrong with these. I load them over 5.5 grains of Trail Boss. You can get the same bullets from Bullets by Scarlett, and help out a fellow cowgirl at the same time.
  3. Oh, I don't disagree pardner! I just don't want to see the state and/or country turn into a bloodbath, even though that's probably what needs to and will happen. Doesn't make it any less frightening.
  4. I have chosen for several reasons to not be at the capital on Monday, however, that doesn't mean I don't care or support the effort to put a stop to this insane madness. I have donated to VCDL as well as renewed my membership, and I am e-mailing my representatives daily. I have no doubt that they are going to cram through these unconstitutional laws regardless of what the people of Virginia want. I can only hope that when they do it will be short-lived, as either the supreme court will rule them unconstitutional, or in the next 2 years gun owners finally wake up and vote out the traitors. Ideally, the governor would be recalled prior to that, but I'm not holding my breath. Hopefully the events over the next few days don't turn out to be the beginning of the next civil war in this country. Tensions are high.
  5. I have a mid-lenth carbine, and a mock dissipator with mid-length gas. Those are cool, but they're not A2 cool! Daughter likes the old-school guns as well, and we got her an A3 with the detachable handle for Christmas a couple of years back, and she was over the moon. I will post pics when I get the new one finished!
  6. Anyone else into old-school A1/A2 rifles? It's been hard to pry my brain away from CAS lately.... but I have a few stripped lowers laying around, so I've decided to build an A2. Ordered a stripped upper from Brownells, already have the right stock and handguard, ordered an LPK, gas tube, and BCG yesterday, just need to get the barrel and should be good to go. I dunno what it is about it, but to me an AR just looks right with that fixed carry handle! The rifle length gas and 20" barrel just shoots so nice as well... not much to not like IMHO. Dude
  7. Yeah, I found a used one on Gunbroker, bought it from Johnny Meadows.
  8. Stories such as this make me glad I bit the bullet, coughed up the cash, and got a Browning instead of a Stoeger. I hope you get it sorted out soon. Dude
  9. Pressing Ctrl-C multiple times to copy something you've highlighted into the clipboard.
  10. Get a Dillon! Hey, if you want to futz around with trying to get the Lee working, more power to ya pard! When I was looking to buy a progressive press, all of the research I did made me realize that going that route would be painful, so I opted for blue and I have zero regrets 25 years later. That being said, as long as you're making ammo, good on you regardless of what color the press is you're using!
  11. They're still pretty new, but I'm loving my Pietta Cimarron Pistoleros. I am seriously considering the EMF GW2 Alchimista for my next pair, I have big hands and think the larger grip would probably be awesome. I would not hesitate to purchase more Pietta revolvers at all.
  12. Hahahaha! If I did two different shirts, it would be really cool! I've checked out everything, and I've been in touch with Annie, and I'm very impressed with her. Very much looking forward to getting some stuff made by her! Thank you to everyone for your help! Much appreciated! Dude
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