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  1. Only for 45 Colt and 12 Gauge. This is new to me, so I'm trying to get educated about it. I figured this was a good place to ask. Thanks everyone for the advice. I just ordered some pre-loaded BP rounds and some bullets lubed with SPG from Buffalo Arms. I'm going to take it slow and learn what I need to know. Thanks. all!
  2. I guess I misspoke. It's new to me, and most of what I'm seeing out there is for 50-70 Sharps, so I said "unusual." I have found a few sites (Buffalo Arms, Track of the Wolf) that have supplies for 50-70 Govt., but I haven't been able to find anyone who sells BP-lubed bullets that are sized to .515. I'll keep looking...it's only been a few hours. Thanks.
  3. Howdy, Pards! I just acquired a Remington Rolling Block (a beautiful New York National Guard 3-band version) chambered in .50-70. This is an unusual caliber, and I've never reloaded for it. The rifle came with a Lyman die set and 20 pieces of brass (no head stamp). Does anyone have any experience with reloading BP for this cartridge? I believe the bore should slug at .515 (haven't done it yet), so 50-70 Sharps will be a tad small (I think they're .512 dia.). Looks like I'll have to cast my own with the Lee 515-450 mold. I guess 20:1 alloy? I would love to have a conversation with someone familiar with this cartridge. I've watched a few YouTube videos on reloading for it. but I'd feel more comfortable being able to ask questions. Thanks for your help! Hiram
  4. H.K., I found a post in which you said you led a Cowboy Church Service at a NE regional match. I'm a minister, but have never attended a Cowboy Church service. Are they any different from a fire department or Boy Scout service (of which I've led many)?  I'd like to offer to lead one at an upcoming match, but don't want to "get it wrong." Is there a particular Order of Service? Are they all Christian services, or are they nondenominational/ecumenical? I'd welcome your advice. Thanks, Pard!

  5. Howdy Pards, Going to be shooting in my first out of state competition at the Eas'dern Shore Roundup in Delaware. They are holding a Long Range Rifle side match (also my first). I was thinking about shooting my (1926-made) Winchester 1894 in .32 Win. Spl. As far as I can tell from the Shooters' Handbook, this is a legal firearm and caliber choice. Anyone have any comment/suggestion for me? If I can't use this rifle, I might have to buy a new gun...darn it.
  6. Howdy, Pards! Went to the eye doctor the other day...thinking about ordering a pair of shooting glasses with one eye set to front sight distance and the other my standard prescription. Looking at the Wiley X Boss (with prescription lenses) or Wiley X Vapor (with interchangeable shields and clear prescription inserts). Does anyone have experience with either of these glasses, or can you recommend a better choice? Not looking to spend much more than $250 if I can help it. Iron, leather, lead and brass took up most of my cowboy budget this past year as I got into the game. Thanks for your advice! Hiram A. Boeuf
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