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  1. As I am the rightful ruler of all things SASS, here is my thoughts. I. Run the clubs for the every day shooter. Rules, schedules, shoots, and events. Do whatever is best for most of them and you'll have success. 2. Center recruiting around our base, Its the 40+ Moms and Dads out there that can afford the bells and whistles of the sport. The Kids are wonderful to watch, but they'll be there anyhow pleasing the family. We won't see them again until they are 40+. 3. Keep the rules straightforward and as clear cut as possible. 4. The top guns and fast ones will always be with us, but don't become focused on serving or trying to please them. You probably can't and numerically, they are not the financial backbone of SASS anyway. Don't go crazy on fancy plaques or glitzy belt buckles as prizes. When was the last time you saw one at a monthly match? Keep the fees lower to cover the things that most of the turnout will enjoy or benefit from. 5. Have "Invitationals" or "Regionals" where the TOP GUNS come show off their skills and prowess. Events you have to earn the right to shoot in. We all will admire them but few of us will dedicate themselves to the time and effort it takes to be one of them. Or travel to watch them in person. 6 Keep it fun. Remember its a fantasy sport, play it that way, WHEN IT STOPS BEING FUN, they won't come if you gave away Cadillac's. IMHO only... I know I have committed heresy here, go ahead and blast away at me...…. Its a FANTASY SPORT! Youngblood
  2. SASS stands on the shoulders of GIANTS. Thank you Charlie......
  3. Miss Allie,

    It will show how long I have been on the sideline by my question, but what happened to my info on the website?  Is there a way to recall it or do I rebuild?  


    Thanking you for your kindness in answering.



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    2. Youngblood


      Hello Miss Allie,


      Yes, I am he.  Old 60304 in the flesh.  Please reset my password.  


      Many thanks as always.

    3. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      I am no longer an Administrator. Here is a link to the contact page. Ask them to reset the password on the old account and delete the new.





    4. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217
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