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  1. I have asked a couple of Deacons and the Priest in my church (Catholic) that exact same question, I've never received an answer that makes sense.
  2. I wear nitrile gloves when cleaning my guns.
  3. Used to eat at aBig Boy restaurant in Denver back in the 70's.
  4. For the past 4 years I have been known by my SASS Alias, Arizona Gunfighter. Today I decided to honor my father by changing my Alias to Tex Wilson. I contacted SASS Headquarters today and requested the change which was granted. A little history behind the decision for the change. While growing up as a young child, my father, whose real name was Harold Wilson, always played and dressed as a cowboy, right down to the hat, boots and a pair of toy 6 shooters and he acquired the nickname of Tex. As an adult his nickname stayed with him. In fact, in the small town in Iowa where we lived and where I spent the first 14 years of my life, if anyone asked for Harold Wilson, no one in town would know who you were talking about, but if you asked for Tex Wilson, everyone in town knew who Tex was. My dad always dreamed about living out west, being a cowboy and living the cowboy lifestyle, but with a family of 5 children to raise (with me being the oldest) he never got to realize his dream. His hero was John Wayne, and he saw most if not all of John's movies from the 1950's up until he passed away. My Dad was also an avid reader of westerns and I think he read every book written by Zane Grey and Louis Lamour. My Dad passed away in 1991, and 11 years later I moved to Arizona and embraced the cowboy lifestyle that my father would have loved to live if he could've. Four years ago, I joined SASS as the Arizona Gunfighter, but I've never shot in the gunfighter category, and that alias just never really fit who I was, or the category that I shoot in. So, I've decided to embrace the dream that might have become my father's legacy and took his lifelong nickname as my new alias. So, this is for you Dad, I love you, and I miss you and I hope as a SASS cowboy I can fill your shoes and make you proud.
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