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  1. Don't load up a bunch of primer pick up tubes!   Stop after 100 rounds, load new tube, start over going very slow.

    As you speed picks up and you get really going, you just finished 100 rounds.  I used to have automatic primer filler

    and tried to load fast.   well, just one screw up will take a long time to fix.   I found that that little break to load a new

    tube and then starting over slow will in the long run be MUCH faster.   Been loading on progressive presses since

    1970's.  Had a Star machine back in the 70's when shooting ppc.  By the way, I have loaded thousands of rounds without

    short stroking, or otherwise screwing up.

  2. Unfired Second Gen with 5 1/2 inch barrel.  Serial Number 678XXSA

    Some blemished on cylinder and light turn line.  Also blemish on

    end of barrel.   These blems show up much worse in photos that in

    person due to flash.  Not front of cylinder show unfired.  Can make

    3 payments.  No California sales.   $1675 shipped. Feel free to text

    me at 301 639 six three five four. 






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