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  1. Congrats Dawg on being awarded the State Championship. It's on my calendar!
  2. Hi Tucker, I have a BSS (made in Japan but assembled in Korea) that was slicked up by the late Fred Bursey (Goatneck Clem). It's an English straight stock version in pristine condition with very low mileage. If you're interested, let me know next time you're going to be at Powder Creek and I'll bring it along. Thanks, Two Shoots
  3. Deprime with a Lee APP, then wet tumble with pins, car shampoo, stratosheen, and Lemishine. Afterwards use the green media separator to get rid of the pins, and then pour the water and pins from the bottom of the separator through a paint filter sitting on top of an empty 5 gallon bucket. Casings go into a Lyman dryer for a couple hours and when finished they look brand new. I've tried it without the pins, and the primer pockets just don't get as clean. So for me, it's worth the extra couple of minutes to use the pins.
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