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  1. 22 minutes ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    I realize that, but if you only put in 7/8oz., don't the petals stick up to high above the shot. I'll have to try it next time I use AAs. I use the pink wads and 1oz. of shot in my BP shells, so easy to try. Thanks.

    Never had an issue shot thousands of them before I standardized on rem hulls.  The difference is pretty subtle.  

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  2. Just now, Eyesa Horg said:

    Don't you end up with the cup petals being too high? On my Grabber & 600jr., I've been able to interchange hulls... so far!!

    The 1 oz wads are shorter as they hold more shot.  

  3. 26 minutes ago, Texas Maverick said:

    I shoot 7/8 oz shot and wads in my STS. Might get some 1 oz and give it a try to see how that works. Sounds like I need a 1 oz bushing though.


    Thanks for the tip.



    Just get a bag of 1oz wads and try them in the aahs hulls.  Should fit with the same setup as the sts using 7/8 shot.   While the aahs use the same reload data I found the stack height was taller.  By using the larger wad, the stack height is the same between the two hulls.  

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  4. 5 hours ago, Texas Maverick said:

    I love my MEC 9000E except for the pain in the butt having to adjust between STS and AA. I haven't found  that sweet spot (if there is one) that will allow me to switch without having to adjust. Right now I am only doing STS since I like them better than the AA but I know in the future I will need to make the switchover since I am not purchasing any new STS shells and I have about 5k AA hulls bagged up.



    I found the solution was a different wad.  Sts can use correct size wad ie 1 oz shot, 1 oz wad.   Aahs seem to need one size larger wad.  Ie 1 oz shot, 1 1/8 oz wad.  7/8 oz use 1 oz wad. 

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  5. +1 on a baking sheet under the press.  I would also suggest a hole in the sheet and your table, then attach a pint jar on the underside.   Makes it easier to contain the stray shot and powder for cleaning.  

    the only downside to a mec is getting a pc of shot stuck in the sizer.  It can cause lots of issues.  When you spill shot, make sure the sizer is clear before proceeding. 

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  6. 9 hours ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

    And another thing, Stossel doesn't even mention battery life. Those batteries on average last about 6 or 7 years, and then have to be replaced, starting the process of everything THAT entails all over again. So the whole "pollution evens out" thing goes out the window. On top of that, DISPOSING of those batteries pollutes as much as producing them.

    If you want to see what 10 years down the road looks like, cruise the Volt forums.  Those cars are now approaching 10+ years in use and propulsion batteries are having a lot of issues.  Replacing them is often exceeding the worth of the vehicle.  This will change the used vehicle market as used ev’s won’t be worth much due to needing expensive batteries.  Unlike a 10 year old ice, which might have 100k miles.  It’s good for another 100-200k without major expense.  

    I am not against ev’s but can see that todays tech is not ready to replace ice.  Heck I even sold both ev’s I owned and have not bought another.   One of the problems I see is the people making the rules don’t live in corner case use areas.  They live in temperate climates with large cities.  That’s an area that works well for ev’s.  Try living in the Midwest 30-60 miles from a major metro area and see how an ev works in winter. 

    grid capacity is not straight forward as to having enough.  If the cars all charge at night, plenty of capacity.  The problem become daytime fast charging.  This can quickly overwhelm the grid.   Fortunately most users don’t need to use daytime fast charging often.  One easy way to force the issue would be to charge different amounts for when you charge. Make it very expensive as it should be to charge mid day and you won’t need to do much to the grid to accommodate the additional cars.  But by doing so you will make owning an ev even more expensive.  

  7. If common use is only 200k, silencers should be in common use now at over 1,000,000 and growing by 50k per year.   Same with SBR’s since the atf just decided there are somewhere between 4 and 40 million out there.  

  8. We used to see how many peanuts we could pick up at one time.  Not hard to do 2, 3 or 4 gets a bit tougher.  Having spent literal years in Asian countries, I have no problem using chopsticks.  For those types of food, I prefer them over a fork.  

  9. Being a 44 spl aficionado, I have a few rugers in that cartridge.  My gp100 is a nice gun, but I shoot it the worst of the batch.   Not sure if it’s the shorter barrel or the gun itself.    Because of that it’s not my favorite and isn’t one that gets shot a lot.   Really wish S&W would rerelease a true 44spl and not just a 44 mag.  

  10. The public schools are dysfunctional in many ways.    While I am sure there are a fair share of liberal teachers who cause issues, but It’s not all the teachers fault.   My cousin teaches high school science and the parents and administrators are just as much to blame.  No one accepts responsibility for their actions.  Parents can’t accept that their wonderful kid is failing and not doing homework.   The parents expect if they give $$ the kid gets preferential treatment.  The admin won’t back the teachers on discipline, so it become run by the kids.   In many ways it’s a mirror of our current society where laws or rules people don’t like are ignored without consequence.   

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  11. 6 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

    How about the new s&w 350 legend?

    Going to wait for the 360 buckhammer version.  A rimmed cartridge instead of a headspace at the mouth with moon clip.  

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  12. Winchester AA did come in gray/silver.  Also orange.  The bigger difference in AA hulls is the compression formed single piece vs the AA-hs two piece.  The plastic is a little more matte on the compression formed.  Many consider these the better hull, but it’s been 10+ years since they were made.  The AA-hs hulls are glossy, also that’s current production.  some say they had issues with base wads coming loose on the first ones, but it seems to be “fixed” now.  If I was loading AA hulls I would use AA-hs.  I do save all the compression formed hulls I can find as they load the same as Remington hulls. 

    Load data does not differentiate between the two, but I found using a shorter wad on the AA-hs hulls helps with fit.  Ie I use a 1 oz wad for 7/8 oz loads, 1 1/8 wad for 1 oz loads.  

  13. 8 minutes ago, Buckshot Bob said:

    When I was a kid one of our local grocery stores always used the line “you always next in line” in their advertising. And if a 3rd person got in line they opened another lane. You certainly don’t see that happening anymore. 

    Actually our local fareway does that.  If people are waiting they open more lanes.  Also deliver groceries to your car.  

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  14. The typical sass shooter isn’t the target customer for this gun.  If I had to guess it’s aimed at younger buyers who have grown up on AR’s and polymer striker pistols.   It looks like it’s maybe in 9mm, so that would be a cartridge they have and styling is along the lines of an AR.  You can now have a lever gun that is legal in all these states that are currently prohibiting semi autos, shoots a cartridge you have, and looks like all the other black guns in your safe.  It will sell, just not to a typical sass shooter.  

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  15. I have been on a few years at a time plan due to my local range requirements to be an nra member for insurance.   Not that I am no longer a member on that range I will let my nra lapse and spend those $$ with groups that are more active in lawsuits.   Wayne has been bad for the nra and should go.  

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  16. I read an interesting stat this week.  Over half of the corn grown goes to ethanol production.  That says that over half the ag land is currently not being used for food production.   That means many of the Midwest states could up food production by a lot if needed.   Farmers are making bank with $7/ bushel corn.  Gross income is a bit over $1400/ acre.  Most farmers I know are farming around 1000 acres, making gross income in the $1.4 million range.  

  17. Since 45-70 bullets are quite long, using short brass is not an issue other than crimping.   Some of my deer loads, almost half the case is taken up by bullet.   For those even 1/4” shorter would still work fine as it would still leave enough case for a full caliber of bullet to be in the brass.   For bullets like that you could really long throat a barrel and then gain a lot of powder capacity.   Not sure I could handle the recoil.  

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  18. Used to be some videos on YouTube with guys legally making such suppressors and testing them.  Not sure if they are still there as YouTube has been on a tear removing such subversive material.  

    take away was that they did offer a little suppression, but less than a purpose built unit.  Suppressors really need to come off the nfa.  There are over 3million registered already and hundreds more being added every day.  At what point are they in common use?  

  19. 6 hours ago, Alpo said:

    I was figuring it going the other way.


    Let's use a fast cartridge. 220 Swift. 4,000 ft per second. That's 240,000 ft per minute. So if you give it a fast twist - one in five? - you're easily doing 500,000 RPMs. One and six would be 480,000, so one and five will easily top out 500.


    Like the Black talon that was mentioned. They made a big thing about how fast that bullet was spinning - bzzzzzzz. And it is spinning fast. It's also traveling forward. A Smith & Wesson 357 has a 1 in 14 twist. One complete revolution in 14 inches of forward travel. How far is it from the breastbone to the center of the torso - 6 inches? 7 inches? So for the bullet to go from the outer dermis to the center of mass, it makes one half of one revolution. I don't think that's going to do a whole lot of buzzsawing.

    You are missing that twist doesn’t stay the same after leaving the barrel.  The bullets slow down, yet rpm may not as the two are no longer mechanically locked together.  Thus the 1:14 that happened in the barrel is no longer 1:14.  You would have to compare rotations per second and feet per second of travel to figure out many rotations in how many feet.  

  20. Still less energy when subsonic that a 45-70 with 500g at all ranges.  It’s interesting that it was originally sub sonic, but most of the loads discussed are sonic.   Maker bullets did a analysis at subsonic speeds on how much energy was added by the faster twist. It is a little bit, but not significantly more energy, 40-50ftlbs.  Most bullets have about 10 ftlbs of energy from rotation, the 8.6 was 40+.   Imho it’s mostly marketing BS based on a minor increase in energy.  Have to find some way to sell new rounds.  

    the new Hornady cartridges, 6 arc, 6.5 cm, 6.5 prc, 7 prc, 300prc all have faster twists than traditional cartridges of similar performance due to bullet construction changing over time.   Just not crazy like the 8.6.  They also have the shoulders moved back to load longer bullets in existing magazines due to people shooting longer high bc bullets.  The chambers are tighter as well.   Hornady is doing podcasts on these cartridges and talking about why they were developed.  

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