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  1. Are you sure it hasn’t just moved to the top because someone else replied to it while you were reading?
  2. Ain’t fancy, but I really like my SOG Demo.
  3. $20 CAD here. But that includes some right tasty vittles.
  4. Of course. That’s what he gets for driving with a picnic basket in plain sight.
  5. Usually carry a Kershaw Boa or a Spyderco Police. Partial to the Kershaws, but like the lines of the Police.
  6. Was there about 24 years ago in early summer. It was certainly not what you would expect in Georgia. Cool Bavarian looking village. Was a great bbq place on the outskirts of town too. Almost got lost in the mountains on a bicycle, but that’s another story.
  7. Crackerjack powder?
  8. Happy that things went well and they are looking up for you.
  9. I have an uncirculated $2 bill from the bicentennial. Probably worth about $2.10 now.
  10. Wishing you a speedy and pain-free recovery. From one rider to another.
  11. Spur straps, Hat band, Suspenders, Badge holder, Gloves, Sleeve garters, Tie, Hat block or stretcher, Boot shine kit, Shell holders or blocks
  12. Maybe it’s just rubble.
  13. haisuikō ga tsumatteimasu
  14. IPSC since 1995. Precision rifle for a couple years. Really enjoying CAS right now.
  15. Wouldn’t you hate to wake up next to that?
  16. Hopefully you got all the nasty stuff out of the way in a single day. All good stuff ahead for you now. Good luck with the surgery.
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