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  1. Hard to imagine having more fun!

    --and it has two more days to go.

    Great stages and company. 


    Tonight is the 5-Star Banquet, following three  days of fun match stages (written by Sinful), Wild Bunch, an extra day of side matches, and lots of other events.   


    We said this was NOT a match to miss, and we were right.  Many Thanks and Congrats to the Chorro Valley Regulators and their volunteers.  This has been a super event and experience.  


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  2. 3 hours ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    Fraud!!  They jack up the price of something to nearly double its former level, punish the public with the new price, then knock off a little and expect us to heap praise on them!!


    They’re no less bastards than they were before they raised the price and now that they have you conditioned to the new level of discomfort, they think you should thank them!!


    As my buddy, Forty Rod says, “SCROOM!!”

    Actually they think their deception will get us not just to thank them, but also vote for them in November.  Everything their party does has deception at its core, elections included.  And their complicit media will hammer their fake story home with all the confused sheep.  Sad!

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  3. 20 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    I have profound hearing loss...wearing hearing aids since I was 34...I wear $8k hearing aids...


    All out of pocket. I have a little experience dealing with the concept of "when you can't hear price don't matter much".


    I don't feel ready to drop $100k for cochlear...



    If you don't mind my asking--


    My wife also has profound hearing loss for at least the past 20 years.  She's had a real hard time finding hearing aids that actually work, or at least function correctly with the bluetooth and aps, like the manufacturers claim.   She's been through four or five different brands and models now, in the 5-8k price range.  So far she has not found anything that helps and isn't a PITB to keep operating.  


     Do you mind sharing what yours are and if they function for you.  My wife hears very little below 60db and that is with her hearing aids.  

    Any guidance is v. much appreciated. 

    Thanks in advance.


  4. It slides into a slot above the front left toggle link.  The toggle pin holds it in place.  Its purpose is to connect the bolt and firing pin extension.   The extension has to be rotated correctly with respect to the hammer and pressed slightly forward toward the muzzle (against the fp return spring)  in order for the tang to slide in.  The long side of the little tang goes in the bottom of the slot, facing the fp extension.  

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  5. Hang on as long as you can, unless you need the funds from selling them off. 


    In this day of modern medical research, a lot of effort and funding is going into Osteoporosis, which affects over half of aging people to some degree.  You just never know what new things might develop.  The same is true for COPD.  


    So don't be in a hurry to unload your guns (no puns intended).   

    We just cannot predict the future of medicine.  Time is on your side.  Keep the quality in your life as long as you can. 


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  6. Jack was a nearby neighbor and friend for over 25 years.  He was (and still is) one extremely fine person-- grace, faith, strength, charity, humility, talent, love, and genuine warmth.  It's really tough to see him go. 

    I'd better stop here-- very upsetting.


    (Jack died from a bad case of West Nile Virus and complications)

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  7. The list brought  back a lot of nice memories.  I was 14 then, just getting interested in music.  


    I expected to see the Association on the list with "Never My Love", but I looked and it was a few years later in '67.  I remember it ran at the top for months.  I still like hearing it, but I think the stirred memories are a part of that enjoyment.  

    Good times then!



  8. Those of us who are shooting the Western Regional next week, at Chorro Valley Regulators, will be able to take the short drive north to Cayucos, and watch Grey, Humpback. and occasionally Blue whales breaching, feeding on anchovy schools within 1/8 mile of the beach.  From the Cayucos Municipal Pier, you can sometimes watch them from less than 100 yds.  It's pretty spectacular viewing at  times in a pretty spectacular setting. 

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  9. 12 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

    Walk downstream.  

    it depends where you are. 


    In California's Sierras, walking downstream will  almost always get you into steep glaciated rocky gorges with slippery slabs of very steep, polished granite, and dangerous waterfalls.  The xanyons generally require ropes, technical gear, and skilled climbing or rapelling to get out of, not tp mention abundant  rattlesnakes.   

  10. Spectacular work, Yul.  AGAIN!  

    To do work that nice, you have to understand what constitutes good workmanship and never compromise.   


    I'll be at Chorro next week.  Hope to see your work, and hopefully finally meet you.  


    Travel safely!

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  11. 4 hours ago, Smokin Gator SASS #29736 said:

    In her apology she apologized to everyone, friends, wife, team mates but no mention of apologizing for her disrespect to  our country, the flag or anthem. Her supporters complain that America  does not "have her back".

    Nor do we WANT her back!

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  12. 2 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    Too many waffles, too many reversals, too many stupid rules: If you hike in 5 miles to a fishing hole you'll get COVID and granny will die!  You can sit in the sand on the beach, but if you sit in a chair on the same spot you will get COVID and granny will die.

    Way too much politics "Oh, don't get the vaccine because it was pushed by THAT president!"  "He's an idiot to think he can vaccinate a million people a day! But I can get 100,000,000 vaccinated in 100 days!" (isn't that a million a day for 100 days?)  1,200 health care professionals signed a letter saying that it was safe to riot and so COVID should not be used as an excuse to shut down "free speech," but Oh!  It's TOO DANGEROUS to allow people to protest in favor if the 2nd Amendment, those will become "super spreaders of COVID and must be shut down!"  Plus the high and mighty ignoring the dictates to the proles.  

    Yes, things change as we learn more.  But too many of the changes seem to me to have been timed to benefit a certain party.

    If you watch the political medical garbage and media reports, you're right about the epidemics being politically used.  But if you talk to the actual treating doctors in the hospitals, you'll get much more sane,  consistent, and less agenda-based guidance.

    Those MDs who have left practice for government or NGO jobs or to work as medical statisticians are much more likely to deliver political advice than medical. 

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  13. What Trailrider said X 100. 

    Tetanus kills more than 50% of those infected, even today, and it is a horrible, painful death.   I've had fully vaccinated livestock contract Tetanus, and have to be euthanized to stop their obvious agony.  

    Don't guess and dont take any chances.  

  14. I was fishing at Magdelena Bay, Baja California Sur, a number of years ago.  Four of us went on a boat excursion  up the Rio de Magdelena for about 10 miles, just exploring.    We came at 3/4 speed  around a tight hairpin turn and smacked into a large marine crocodile, which caused us to run aground (hard) on a sand bar.  We had to rearrange gear in the panga dugout, so I decided to hike the short mile over to the beach on the Pacific side.   


    To make a very long story shorter, I misread the map scale and it was really about fifteen miles.  The landscape was sand-- high sand dunes, with many over 200' high.  I hiked along, skirting  between them in the 110 degree sun of mid afternoon. 


    After about half an hour I came upon a huge native indian midden pile, about 200 yards long.   It was full of prehistoric bird and fish bones and there were ornate chert arrow points lying around everywhere.  I knew better than to collect antiquities in Mexico, so I resisted the urge. 


    I hiked on for an hour, expecting the ocean to appear at any minute.    But suddenly I found myself back staring at that same midden pile, that still had my earlier footprints along its edge.  I felt that horrible lost feeling, but I was also getting into more serious trouble with dehydration. 


     I calmed myself down and climbed to the top of the tallest nearby dune.   There, standing atop another dune several miles away, waving a jacket in the air was one of my partners.  I noted the sun position over my right shoulder and kept it locked there as I walked toward my partner --walking not around the dunes but in a solar-marked straight line ditectly over whatever was in my path.   An hour later, I saw the river, boat, and my three companions.  


    For just a few minutes, I was really seriously lost and potentially life-threatened.  There is just nothing like that realization and helpless/disoriented feeling.  


    These are the dunes, from 20,000 feet.



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  15. Most disorientation problems occur in bad weather where you cannot see the sun or topography.   I've walked in circles for hours in the fog and heavy brush on my own ranch, passing and recognizing  particular land-forms or unique vegetation several times while thinking I was walking between the bushes in a particular direction.   It happens, and when you realize you are disoriented, the confusion is profound, to say the least. 


    A compass phone app (or just a simple compass) is a good thing to have handy in the woods.  A GPS is also great, but they don't usually give you direction unless you are moving.  

  16. So our President thinks he can improve his popularity by trading a serious terrorist to free a basketball player who is a druggie and refuses to honor our country and veterans by standing for the Anthem, and who spends half of her time in Russia playing professional ball.   Never mind the rest of her peculiar resume.  She should be tried and punished by Russia, where she committed crimes that she admitted, and in the country she seems to love.  

    Bon Voyage, Britt.  Enjoy your extended vacation. 

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  17. 15 minutes ago, Rip Snorter said:

    :rolleyes: Must be something in the air out there.  Viruses also mutate and the value of the vaccines is at best transient and the side effects inadequately studied.   Covid, .347% fatalities here in Montana,  there are plenty of common risks that produce much higher fatalities.  Not going to worry about it.

    Monkey Pox,  just ain't any way I'm going to catch that. https://www.cdc.gov/poxvirus/monkeypox/transmission.html.

    I hope you are right. 

    Keep in mind that we are having to learn as we go with these new diseases.  They present  uncharted territory.   Not since Smallpox, a hundred years ago, have we had to deal with something like Monkey Pox.  

    If we knew exactly how to make a perfect vaccine, or prescribe a perfect treatment protocol, we would be doing it.  But we don't have those advantages, despite the public's expectations of perfection, and lots of people, with or without co-morbidities, have lost their lives. 


    Medical people and politicians  are deliberately erring on the side of caution, given the observed death rates and risks.  Yes, that's inconvenient, and it is easy to over-react.  And the media plays off of that, so  many people are ignoring the advice of doctors and governmental recommendations or requirements.  That non-response just further confounds the ability to understand what works and what doesn't. 


    What I see is a chaoitc situation of general public distrust, spawned by a media that profits hugely by magnifying controversy.  They've confused and killed a lot of people (unfortunately predominantly disbelieving conservatives) with their deliberate half-truths. 

  18. 1 hour ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    On interstates, our Honda would beep at me and tell me I needed to steer in big letters on the dash! It didn't seem to like me driving straight with no steering input for too long. That steering wheel wobble startled the hell out of me at first! The automatic braking near caused a crash once, even though it was sorta my fault not knowing the car would do what it did.

    Was coming down a long entrance ramp where it was advisable to be going 70 when you merged into the traffic. Right when I get to the end the car in front of me slows down a lot. I glanced in the mirror and did a Nascar move into the traffic without the signal

     Had plenty of room to merge in, but came right behind the car passing me. The car slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting him and damned near created a pile up with the trucks I came in in front of. There was a trailer truck length behind me and the car I came in behind was going faster than me. I never forgot to use the signal after that!

    That's really bad! 


    Another case where some creative design engineer thought they had everything covered in their "improvement", but had only thought halfway through possible scenarios.  


    They ought to at least be required to tell prospective buyers that it is a partially self-driving vehicle.  



  19. On 8/2/2022 at 3:48 PM, Rip Snorter said:

    Really useful, I'll add it to my "we all die of something list!" Look at the actual percentage that died of Covid, look at the comorbidities.  Is there an election coming, are the numbers looking bad for the Party in power?  A new plague, just what the "Doctor" ordered. Jeez Louise!

    Co-morbidities?  Look around.  Do you know anybody over 40 who doesn't have some co-morbidities?  So aren't we really just talking about overall mortality rate?

    And it is a fact that it is  higher due to these viral  diseases. 



    The only thing we can depend on for sure is the biology.  Viruses survive by spreading and they are adapted and equipped to do that.  If nobody tries to control them, they will continue spreading and  killing people with "comorbidities". 


    I hope folks don't just figure that all those with co-morbidities  deserve to get sick or die, or  that their deaths somehow don't count or didn't really happen. 


    Folks will do better to take medical  guidance from their doctors, rather than reacting to dishonest media or political hype directed one way or the other.   


    All medical indications so far are that Monkey Pox is medically more complex  and more contagious than Covid. 



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  20. I'd class that compliment together with buying her a vacuum cleaner for her anniversary.   Long ago I Iearned that things with electric cords don't make good gifts for wives. 


    But a Shelby/Wilson? I hope you like camping out on the couch with the dog.

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